Travel trends of young globetrotters

Young adults have their unique preferences when it comes to globe trotting.

French kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It a clich scene lifted right out of a romantic comedy you might expect Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Aniston to star in. It also something that tops the bucket list of young travellers between the ages of 18 and 23.

When Contiki sales and marketing head (Asia) Kevin Khor posed a list of travel aspirations to students at the lakeside campus of Taylor University and SEGi University Subang Jaya, Selangor, to choose from recently, the girls in the crowd ooh ed and aah ed at the prospect of locking lips with their significant other at the pinnacle of the iconic iron lattice tower.

were also many who expressed interest to score VIP passes to catch the Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium and go on a designer shopping spree in Italy, 2017 Adidas Nmd Neues Angekommen S79166 Unisex Weiß Günstig Wien Khor, 35, reveals.

were also considering saving turtles in Costa Rica, taking a selfie while hang gliding over Rio and buying the bar a round of drinks in Dublin, he adds.

Being a part of a tour company that specialises in coach trips for those between 18 and 35, Khor main agenda is to divulge the latest trends in travel to the students something that he shares at an exclusive interview later in the day.

City of love: The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a top destination among young adult travellers, Nike Air Max Ld-Null 911180-002 Frauen Weiß Grau Silber Günstig Kaufen according to a survey among students at two institutions of higher learning in the Klang Valley. Many expressed interest to lock lips with their significant other atop the iconic tower. Photos from Contiki

is one of the up and coming destinations among young adult travellers. It affordable now, more than ever, to visit Greece, he says. The keyword, according to Khor, is which he says this age group equates with new destinations.

France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain are also quite popular. As for New Zealand and the United States, they have always been favourites among people in that demographic (range), he offers. However, the popularity of Eastern Europe, at one time a firm favourite, has slid a little.

Khor notes that when it comes to expectations, there are distinct characteristics that separate the younger travellers from the more seasoned, older ones.

older travellers would usually go for the food and sightseeing. As for the younger people, they just want to have fun. Sure, they still travel to take in new sights, but they are more likely to be engrossed in the culture of the places they visit.

from that, they are also keen to check out the night life scene, he says.

And of course, there also the prevalence of social media among the younger generation.

now such a thing as a WiFi party where young people just gather at the lobby of their hotel or backpackers accommodation after returning from their excursion and utilise the complimentary WiFi connection. They will then post their photos on Facebook or Instagram, Khor says with a laugh, as he reminisces about one of the many trips he played chaperone over the years.

According to Khor, a survey conducted by Contiki among 50,000 young travellers identified eight travel styles: Discovery plus trips, high energy travel, in depth exploration, easy pace, sailing and cruise, winter and ski, freestyle camping and festivals and short stays.

Discovery plus trips provide travellers with more choices when it comes to places of interest, more time allocated in itineraries and more comfortable accommodations. High energy travel refers to trips packed with activities from dawn to dusk while in depth exploration alludes to culture lovers who want to get into the heart of the regions they visit.

The rest of the trends are pretty self explanatory. However, Khor notes, the festivals and short stay tours started gaining popularity five years ago, with the trend really picking momentum last year.

travellers will plan their holiday around a festival such as the Octoberfest in Munich or the Coachella Fest in California and just party away, he explains.

But, as anyone who has ever woken up with a massive hangover can attest to, the nightlife in any region involves some degree of risk more so when you in a foreign land.

is why it best to travel in a group when you hitting the party scene, and stick to that group.

a taxi with your travel companions and make sure you bring along one of those hotel cards with your accommodation location, map and contact number, Khor advises.

Above all, he highly recommends travelling for young people.

don have many commit ments when you young. And seeing new sights, rather than reading about them, will provide many enriching experiences, Khor says. is one thing that you spend money on yet makes you richer. It one of the most powerful things in life, he concludes.

Don pack too much stuff for your travel. Otherwise, you going to regret it when you have to lug your heavy bags while hopping onto public transportation or moving between backpackers accommodations. And always reserve some space for your purchases at the destinations you travelling to.

Surviving on smart phones without mobile data

Do some research before you go on a trip. Save all the details in your smartphone. It also really helpful to download one of those offline maps that you can access without having to log in to the Internet. If you really can be without the Internet, consider renting a portable WiFi dongle.

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