Claim Your Bitcoin SV Balance

Claim Your Bitcoin SV Balance

You will need any bitcoin cash wallet that support the new SV chain, i used bitcoinsv wallet to get my SV balance.

You can download Electron cash wallet from here :

Open wallet app, it will ask you to create new bitcoin sv wallet and where to save.

you can keep default path and click ‘Next’.

it will ask again whether to add watch only wallet, or standard wallet and more setting.

You can keep all as default, choose ‘Standard wallet’ and click ‘Next’.

Now will ask again if you had old wallet seed to import or create new one, better to create new wallet.

choose ‘Create new seed’ and clock on ‘Next’

Now you have to save your 12 words in safe place (better to print out on paper) and it will ask you to enter them for confirmation.

Enter same given 12 words on next screen for confirmation, and your wallet will be created.

Last step is to set a password for new wallet.

enter good password and confirm it, then click on ‘Next’.

You will see your new wallet is empty, with empty history.

You can see History, Send, Receive

in my example there are some transactions are already done before i write this topic.

To import your bitcoin SV wallet address and transfer funds into your wallet app, you will need Private Key which is same to original bitcoin cash wallet.

If you don’t have private keys for your bitcoin wallet, you should contact your wallet service provider for how to get private key for it.

Now, after getting private key for your BCHSV wallet, which is same to bitcoin cash, you have to sweep/import it into your Electron wallet.

Click on Wallet > Private Keys > Import (or Sweep)

Write private key for your wallet, and click on Import.

If your bsv wallet has many inputs, it may takes some seconds to 1 minute till it complete balance transfer on sweep case.

Elecrton app transfer 100 inputs max per sweep.

if your wallet has more than 100 inputs (as like 400 inputs) you will need to sweep it (same private key) 3 or 4 times to transfer all funds on it.

You will need to wait for payment transaction confirmation for each sweep.

After sweeping wallet, you will get confirmation message with amount that is credited to your wallet app.

Click on Broadcast to confirm it.

New confirmation with transaction id will appear, press ok.

Now you can see new payment is received to your bitcoin cash wallet if you did sweep, or your transactions history if you did import.

wait until it gets one confirmation at least on sweep case, and no confirmation wait required for importing address.

now you’re able to send it into HitBTC site if you want to exchange it into Bitcoins or BCHABC the original Bitcoin Cash.

but before we do this, we should make sure we are working on electrum sv chain