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family appreciates all who help after huge deer fatally gores their dog

CLINTON TWP. A family is mourning the death of their German Shepherd who was killed by a deer, even as they express gratitude for the kindness of strangers who rushed to their aid.

The dog was killed near his home off Grayrock Road by a buck that impaled it with its antlers and tossed it into the South Branch of the Raritan River.

Christine Serra was home on Nov. when she heard someone screaming for help. She went outside, took off her Discount Nike Air Max 2018 Men’s Running Shoes Black Blue New Zealand and waded across the shallow river to help New Jordan Hydro 13 Retro Slide Slippers White Black Blue New Zealand year old neighbor Cole Herudek. poor boy was hysterical, Serra said. Lying next to the boy was his dog, Mongo, breathing with difficulty.

Cole mother said he and Mongo had been on a walk when the 92 pound Shepherd bred from half American and half German lines had spied a squirrel and taken off after it. That when the 12 point buck attacked perhaps as payback for Mongo having chased it from the family yard.

When Patrolman Harry Bugal arrived, he found the dog injured and lying on its side. They summoned township Animal Control Officer Doug Rolle, and a frantic search for a veterinarian began. wasn easy, said Clinton Township Police Lt. Ryan Melsky, because they kept finding vets who were out of the office or out to lunch.

Bugal, the boy mother, and Rolle used a blanket to carry Mongo out of the woods and into the bed of Rolle pickup truck. He was taken first to Round Valley Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Lorraine Marks worked to stabilize the dog. But Mongo needed oxygen, so he was taken to Crown Veterinary Specialists on Blossom Hill Road. Dr. Wendy Ross rescheduled other patients to accommodate the emergency and surgery began.

Cole mom praised Ross; others in the waiting room offered their own dogs as blood donors. whole staff was in tears, she said. But the surgery was unsuccessful.

Mongo death has left a hole in his family life. The only puppy in the litter, born by C section, he was rejected at birth. all bottle fed him, said Cole mom. was our clock. He got the kids off to school and on the bus he was a true champ. family buried him the next day, trudging through the cold rain, digging his grave in the mud. They wanted to put him in his favorite spot, within the two fenced acres with a pond and a stream where he always had fresh water.

Since the attack, Cole mom said he Cheap Retail Cheaper And Original Adidas Sneakers Women Marathon TR 15 Shoes Salmon Silver Nz his twin brother Jesse have seen the buck in their yard. A regal animal, she said, Women Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Trail Running Shoes Dark Gray Black New Zealand whom she wishes no harm. the way of the wild the survival of the fittest, she said, choking back tears. think the woods are safe. We all just need to be aware. They should teach this in school, rather than how to calculate density. was nothing any of us could do, said Serra, who stayed to accompany Mongo to the vets and described their response and that of police and Rolle as totally committed. It a lesson, Cheap Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Men’s Black Golden Nz she said, that wildlife is a joke. Deer are not always happy, cuddly things. mom said part of the lesson she learned was about people. many helped, she said. many people care.

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What’s in an Appalachian Trail hiker’s backpack

(CNN) Section hikers carry with them virtually everything they’ll need for days or Couples Adidas Originals Superstar Foundation II New Version Plates Shoes Black Snow Nz Online even weeks. Backpacks are designed to transfer much of the weight to the wearer’s hips. Here’s what I carried on a recent four day hike through part of Nike Air Max 2016 Print Men’s Running Shoes Black New Zealand York. Many of the items are in sacks to keep the pack organized. The total weight of the backpack above and everything in it, excluding water, is 25 pounds. Clockwise from lower right:Section hiker’s 50 liter volume packFolding padded seat (Big Discount Men Adidas Climacool Solution Running Shoes DarkSlate Gray White DarkTurquoise Nz Online and red bulbs. Using Nike Air Max 2016 Leather Men’s Running Shoes Black Red Nz light at night reduces the brief blindness that occurs when white light is shut off.)Bear bell (Lets them know you’re coming.)Lip balmBug sprayTrowel (Field toilet.)Change of clothes (One extra shirt, socks for each day, underwear for each day)Self inflating sleeping pad (In addition to the padding, it provides insulation from cold ground.)40 degree sleeping bagSleeping bag liner (Adds another 5 10 degrees of warmth.)Single person tent (81 x 34 inches, total weight of tent, poles, fly: 3 pounds, 8 ounces)Tent rain flySix aluminum tent spikesTent footprint (Protects bottom of the more expensive tent from wear and provides some insulation from cold ground.)Deodorant (This is considered a backpacking no no because the scent can attract critters, including bears. But sometimes I need it to get to sleep.)

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The True Jive Pluckers delivered energetic and entertaining program

The devil went down to Regina looking for a soul to steal, and took over that of local violinist Eduard Minevich for his performance with the string trio True Jive Pluckers and this city symphony orchestra.

Apologies to famed country fiddler Charlie Daniels for stealing from his signature tune but Minevich and his violin were clearly possessed on Saturday evening, alongside his pops playing partners Steve McLellan and Jack Semple. crowd at any local restaurant with a breakfast special.

However, set free from the confines of his traditional place in the orchestra, Minevich was a tireless showman as well as a virtuoso musician. He shone from start to finish of the two hour show featuring the Pluckers backed by the RSO.

McLellan, the principal bassist for the RSO, and local guitar legend Semple were as billed: polished professionals.

McLellan timekeeping on the double bass and briefly on the electric bass provided a reliable structure for his sidekicks and Salomon Speed Cross 3 Men Brown Nz sometimes the entire orchestra. His work sounded its best in tunes played exclusively by the Pluckers, while in other songs his bass notes fell were appropriately indistinguishable from the orchestral strings.

Jack Semple was, well, Jack Semple. In a pre show interview, McLellan predicted a strong performance by Semple in a broad range of genres.

a chameleon, as a guitarist and musician. He really can play anything, McLellan said.

Songs performed during the evening, part of the Shumiatcher Pops series and billed as A Night To Remember, numbered more than a dozen. Mostly they were instrumentals, with vocals occasionally provided by Semple memorably in a rendition of Georgia on My Mind, a Ray Charles classic.

Meanwhile, Minevich emerged as a natural frontman.

He goofed off in his strong Russian accent. He danced the charleston with a flapper (kids, google it). He bowed his violin passionately while wading through the audience like Ellen DeGeneres at the start of her TV show. He twitched and shook virtually out of his Cheapest Men Adidas NMD Chukka Boost Running Shoes Sandy Brown White New Zealand.

Always, his violin stood out above the backdrop.

Sometimes it wafted atop the orchestral strings. Often it blended with the instruments of McLellan and Semple. Many times the lead passed between the guitarist and the violinist.

Once, Minevich fearlessly duelled face to face with a Semple in electric soloing Discount Nike Air Flight Huarache Low Men’s Running Shoes All Black New Zealand.

And if that not enough, it was the former concert master who arranged the music for Nike Roshe Run Mens Sneakers Red White Nz Online the orchestra which in addition to the classical pieces, included the traditional band components of several saxophones, trombones and trumpets, along with a full on drummer.

Trumpet player Kevin Kasha stepped out from amid the ranks for a solo during a number called That A Plenty. And it was Simon MacDonald turn out front to provide a second violin for a jazz version of Bach Double Violin Concerto.

So varied was the program compiled by the Pluckers that virtually everyone else onstage got a break while the trio performed among themselves. Other times, only the big band musicians contributed and sometimes only the strings and woodwinds accompanied.

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the mecca for fans of the hippest shoes around

As a drama major at the University of Missouri, Nancy Kaufman was, well, dramatic . She was the campus weirdo who wore flamboyant clothing and called herself Na Na, after Emile Zola’s heroine.

Two decades later, the weirdness and the drama continue in the form of merchandise. Along with husband Paul and former college chum Lynn Tyler, Nancy owns the Na Na Trading Company, an “alternative fashion” source headquartered in Santa Monica.

The multimillion dollar company spawned in a tiny store without plumbing that Nancy and Tyler opened in 1976 encompasses six retail stores, a mail order business and an international wholesale operation. Na Na advertises, but it hardly needs to. Sassy, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Esquire and other publications frequently splash its big, clunky boots and Stylish Adidas Shoes Couples Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V1 Ignite Running Shoes Dark Blue Brown Nz Online across their pages.

Hipper than thou customers shop Na Na for everything from work shirts and overalls to flared cords, crooner style cardigans, cropped “baby” Ts, plaid pantyhose and Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 Women’s Navy Pink Nz Online trucker inspired wallets on long zoot suit chains. But the retailer’s main attraction has always been outrageous footwear, including English made, industrial strength Dr. Marten Cheap Men Adidas Climacool ADV 14 Boost Springy Cushioning Running Shoes Orange Red White Nz and boots. Na Na’s own concoctions are even more outlandish: boots with wide, upturned toes; shoes and boots atop mile high striped platforms; thick soled, no shine Mary Janes for adults, and work weight boots with lug soles so thick and grooved they could move a tractor.

For Nike Kobe 11 EM Breast Cancer Pink Black Online Outlet Nz years, Na Na and Dr. Marten were joined at the ankle. Six months ago, at the height of the Doc Marten grunge frenzy, Na Na was distributing about 25,000 pairs a month. But late last year, the companies parted over their distribution deal. And without the Docs to drum up business, Na Na is taking strides to stand on its own.

As part of an expansion and reorganization plan, the company has put more emphasis on its own footwear designs, including the new Blue Plate Shoe line. The $60 to $80 collection features knockoffs of such Na Na originals as the $160 pole climber boots worn by Naomi Campbell and the dancers in Madonna’s “Girlie” show.

Production of the menswear collection, for which Paul won a California Mart Rising Star nomination last year, has been scaled back to free funds for the shoes. And three unisex utility clothing lines have been consolidated into the strongest one, Welt Ware.

Na Na’s newest store opened last month in the Lab, a so called anti mall near South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. Tenants include the first Tower Records alternative store; Urban Outfitters (a Na Na wholesale account); Collector’s Library, specializing in comic books; and Taxi Taxi, dealing in vintage clothing and guitars. The setup is “so cool,” Nancy says. “Even the bathrooms are cool. If I were really young now, I would move in next to this place.”

Every Na Na store has its own ambience, starting with the neighborhood: SoHo in Discount New Air Jordan 10 GS Paris 2017 New Zealand York, the Castro District in San Francisco and 3rd Street in Los Angeles, site of an outlet store scheduled to become a regular retail operation next month.

In Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade, Na Na’s headquarters and store fill a space formerly occupied by a Thrifty drugstore and a Hallmark card shop. The “post mortem” interior, as Paul describes it, contains a huge plywood torso above the dressing rooms, a giant abstract face with one Nike LeBron 14 Wolf Grey Gold 2017 Nz Sale and three white teeth, two moving mirrored globes, a half finished inverted boot and a phallic symbol, which, he says, “isn’t as obvious as we could have made it.”

His office near an interior staircase is decorated with a hodgepodge of shoes (antique inspirations and production prototypes), sequined Haitian voodoo flags, and childlike artworks with moving parts made by a friend in England.

Nancy’s office resembles a tastefully cluttered Victorian sitting room, down to the ornate bottles of potpourri and antique love seat.

Nancy says neighbors and Salomon Speed Cross 4 Women Grey Purple Nz Sale passersby call it “the Elvis house,” because the display case front window (“part of the reason I wanted to buy this house”) is devoted to oddball arrangements. One featured “Elvis laid out in a coffin with money around him.”

Antics like this keep Paul and Nancy, who hover near 40, in sync with their hard core, youth culture customers. “Na Na is an institution among young people, who are really hip and who really work at it,” says Ty Moore, 30, co designer of the Los Angeles based Van Buren clothing collections.

The Bank Atlantic Center Presents: Kiss

40 years after their inception Kiss has another world tour in the works to support their 20th studio concept album. When Kiss stormed the ohio club scene in 1973 few could possibly have fathomed they would still be here today.

At property of Blues will be “Gene’s Addiction” A FREE Houston Press Event previously Voodoo Chill. Performers include the KISS and 918kiss online download Tribute Band and Sid 17. It is an ages young and old show and again this show is scr888 free credit for new member 2017 of charge! For more information check the actual event as of this link.

There are actually a few individuals I share a birthday with that i would prefer to mention. Most likely the coolest person on earth, Sean Connery was born on August 25th. So was as well as cuter, and a lot more curvier Claudia Schiffer. Fellow Notre Dame fan Regis Philbin was born today. Last but not at all least happy birthday to my brother-in-law and friend Adam Rose who was coincidentally also born on August 27.

We don’t feel the demand to be quite so perfect once we notice their flaws. They have zits similarly to the everyone else. They get a hold of laugh lines and wrinkles. Don’t you already better self-esteem? For sure you engage in! You now realize until this is a distortion of reality.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt (1725-1798) was a Venetian author scr888 free credit for new member 2017 and adventurer. But he is most famous for being one of the worlds greatest womanizers, regarding his name – Casanova – being synonymous with the art of attraction.

I heard Forrest Griffin, a former UFC champion, say something to the extent obtaining spent 6000 hours training, he will definitely not are terrible. He is on his way.

For me, that was only a minor thing though, scr888 free credit for new member 2017 and this is basically the only complaint that I’ve about fresh CD. Overall, 918kiss crack it is really a great CD that is often a worthy accessory for the band’s impressive products. It is well enough to please long-time fans, and even perhaps attract a few new your actual. I would definitely recommend informed me to individuals. Sonic Boom is not profound or life-changing, but all things considered, usually one heck of a good time!

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Seldom Seen Photos From World War II

Marines Land. Marines hit three feet of rough water as they leave their LST to take the beach at Cape Gloucester, December 26, 1943. Marine CorpsLaunch Gallery

On Top of the World. Of all things, Marine Private First Class Raymond L. Hubert, of Detroit, Michigan, chooses a huge unexploded naval shell for a sofa as he removes a three day accumulation of Saipan sand from his field Discount Shop Authentic Spring / Summer Men Adidas Climacool Revolution Shoes GreenYellow White New Zealand.

Photograph by Staff Sgt. Andrew B. Marine CorpsLaunch Gallery

Tucked away among the 11.Nike KD Trey 5 Woven Obsidian Blue Red White Online Nz Sale million photographic items housed in the National Geographic archive, the images were among those recently pulled from storage by NG Creative’s Julia Andrews and Debbie Li and archivist Bill Bonner in homage to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, marked earlier this year. Andrew B. Army Signal Corps” French mademoiselle waves tricolor in tribute to the forces which liberated her city as they march past Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. “They tell a story we don’t want to forget,” says Li.

The National Geographic Society archive once had an entire collection of photographs specifically dedicated to World War II, but in the early 1960s, the archive ran out of physical space to house prints, Men And Women Adidas Equipment Support ADV Primeknit Running Shoes Light Grey White Black New Zealand the collection was culled. What remained was stashed in files not related to the war, and Bonner periodically came across them while doing research on other topics. Third Army, cross the Rhine River at Oberwesel, Germany. Navy aircraft carrier banish post battle nervous strain by taking a swim in the warm waters of a lagoon in the Marshalls only a few days after laying siege to and conquering Roi Island in the Kwajalein atoll. After the ceremony was over, Father Finn, who performed the ceremony, assisted the bridal couple over the debris to the church exit. Fox. September 14, 1940. First Pictures in New Air Jordan Horizon Midnight Navy 2017 New Zealand Shelter Where People Occupy Railway Lines.” These are the first pictures to be taken at Aldwych Shelter, the stretch of underground railway between Aldwych Men Adidas Equipment Boost 13000 Light And Comfortable Running Shoes White Orange Red Nz Sale Holborn which has been taken out of service to provide safe shelter for Londoners in air raids. Photograph shows the railway lines as well as the platforms provide a dormitory for Londoners during the night raids. October 5, 2017 Official New Adidas Baskets Men Adidas ZX700 Running Shoes BrulyWood Cornislk Black Nz Sale 1940.”You would never think that National Geographic was even interested, but we were,” says Andrews. “Editors were paying attention to this. so that . “freedom . They’re displayed with the original caption information that was taped on the back of the print. These captions add a rich layer to the show, giving the viewer insight into the mentalities of the time. The captions are clinically written and matter of fact, with a “neutrality you wouldn’t have now,” says Andrews. August 26, 1944.

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thrilling until it’s not

This image released by 20th Century Fox shows, from left, Ben Affleck, Patrick Fugit, David Clennon, Lisa Barnes and Kim Dickens in a scene from “Gone Girl.” The film, Discount Nike Air Max 2018 Men’s Running Shoes Grey Green New Zealand based on the best selling novel, will release on Oct. 3. (AP Photo/20th Century Fox, Merrick Morton) less

This image released by 20th Century Fox shows, from left, Air Jordan 12 GS Dynamic Pink 2017 Nz Online Ben Affleck, Patrick Fugit, David Clennon, Lisa Barnes and Kim Dickens in a scene from “Gone Girl.” The film, based on the best selling novel, will . more

Girl is a great thriller until it stops being one, about 20 minutes before the finish. Until then it brilliant, not just a triumph of story but of strategy, a movie that keeps the audience grasping and reaching in all the wrong directions, while consistently delivering something a little better, a little crazier and a little more disturbing than expected.

And then before it over, it all kind of goes . not to hell it not as bad as that but to purgatory, or limbo. This most satisfying of films turns dissatisfying. This Swiss watch of storytelling turns into a bad digital clock circa 1986, flashing the wrong numbers. If only the dip in quality came in the middle, or even at the beginning, we might still be able to class Girl as among the year’s best. But when a movie, in its final minutes, forsakes its own logic and embraces false cleverness, that can be ignored.

Girl is based on enormously popular novel of the same name, and the novel very popularity might be the main problem here. There are things that can work in print that just can be made to work onscreen. Yet when it an acclaimed story that half the audience will know going in, no broad changes can be considered, even ones for the better.

Does this all sound vague? Alas, we going to have to hover in the Land of Vague in discussing Girl, because this is just one of those movies: Give away too much of the story, and you just killed about three quarters of its appeal.

So we stay general. Girl is the story of a marriage, as well as a pretty straight faced satire or is it an indictment? of the way gossip is passed off as news on cable television. plays Nick, a guy with a cloud of sadness around him, who goes home to find that his wife, Amy (), is missing and that there are signs of a struggle. He calls the police, who, being cops, start suspecting him of murder. But who knows? This time they could be right.

For the first hour, Girl takes place on two tracks. It follows Nick in the present day, as he becomes the center of both the investigation and of the media piranha like lust. And it goes back in time, telling the tale of Nick and Amy courtship and marriage as related (and narrated) by Amy in her diary.

Affleck has had good roles before, but I don think he has ever had one that capitalizes on as much of what he can do onscreen. He is a big slab of a guy, but his aura is not of strength, but of uncertainty, perhaps moral weakness. He is instantly likable and then occasionally, upon reflection, dislikable. He has a blitheness that is either amusing or engaging or off putting, depending on the viewer’s angle. He can just as easily charm the world as irritate millions he has literally done both, in real life so anybody reaction to him is easy to believe, so long as it’s extreme.

Rosamund Pike will come as more of a surprise. Her previous roles have hinted at her intelligence and ability she even made audiences believe she was in love with a cigar chomping in Version but this is the juiciest role she has had to date, and she makes a meal of it. Everyone who sees Girl will walk out raving about Rosamund Pike.

Director lands a tone for Discount Nike LUNARGLIDE 8 Men’s Running Shoes White New Zealand Girl that broad and Discount Cheap Couples Adidas NEO Clouldfoam Flow City Neo Athletic Shoes Royal Blue Chartreuse White New Zealand precise enough to encourage a series of witty performances within the thriller framework. The story may be the star here, but everyone is vivid within it, not just the principals, but as a detective, as a hotshot lawyer and as Affleck’s twin sister.

And then it all sort of . would be too strong a word. Perhaps dented? its glow? But that all in the last 20 minutes. Try to put it out of your mind for those first two hours.

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