is terror at its most minimal

A simple phrase at the outset of “White Night” sets this mood for adidas philippines this Depression era thriller. “Times were worse than hard, and the bar was about to close.”

The words come from a down on his luck man, struggling like much of the United States was in 1938. He staggers to his car, a clearly unfortunate action the player has no control over, and kicks off the game when he crashes into a tree.

The man (we aren given a name) is in desperate need of medical care when he stumbles into a seemingly deserted mansion. We know this is a bad idea. The crumbling cemetery out front makes that clear, but worried times lead to bad decisions.

Can what’s inside a country house really be worse than what’s outside, where jobs are scarce, people are starving and what little wages there are have already been spent on booze?

Relying exclusively on claustrophobic framing a black and white world that’s part comic book, part German Expressionism “White Night” is a historical tale that hits political and social nerves that uncomfortably mirror modern times.

Night, the first from Lyon, adidas philippines office address France based OSome Studio, relies heavily on tricks of the mind to slowly disorient the player. There’s one or two traditional scares a ghastly specter emerging from the shadows but it’s a descent into self imprisonment.

The car accident at the beginning, adidas philippines sale was that caused by a woman who ran into the road? Or is that a story our downtrodden hero concocts out of his own guilt?

“This guy was meant to be mysterious,” says Renard. “It another beam of our thematic spectrum this night is his night. It an existential path he going to have to walk to the end. We wanted the game to be scary while maintaining a certain depth.”

German Expressionism was a primary influence of Night. (OSome Studio)

He’s a sympathetic character. That’s accomplished in part by the tone of the game. There’s little light, and stepping into darkness is not advised. For much of the game, his only companions are matches, keeping whatever is haunting the mansion at only an arm’s length away.

Electricity is scant, and the game is all shadowy outlines and white boxes, needling constantly with our perception. The doors are locked, the windows don’t have handles and strange curios protrude from the shadows a women’s high heeled shoe, a dirty shovel, half finished wine glasses and a library filled with disturbing, knife ripped portraits.

Our narrator adidas philippines office address hopes he’s simply going delusional from barely surviving a rough car accident.

“He typically us when we doubt and find ourselves stuck in our darkest moments,” the 36 year old Renard says. “He not a superhero, he doesn know how to fight, but he has his strength, this need to survive. It quite a tragic character, one that must face fatality. All the characters are stained by the same fatality. I didn want to talk about happiness”

No, the world of “White Night” appears to be constantly closing in on the player.

The goal is simply to survive, to make it out of this mansion, but the game’s camera angles jolt to a different viewpoint every few steps, shifting the darkness and confusing the player’s sense of direction.

OSome Studio cites the vintage PC game “Alone in the Dark” as a primary influence, a game where exploration was paramount and patience was emphasized over action. “White Night” will have players scouring and rescouring a room, looking for something that was missed in the dark the first time.

It’s perhaps no surprise that a secondary influence is Richard McGuire’s animated short film “Fear of the Dark.” Stray piano notes, the lack of a weapon and emphasis on atmosphere created an experience that’s as cinematic as it is playful although playful is too kind of a word.

“‘White Night’ is not especially a hardcore game, but it a game about exploration,” Renard says. “It not a game you rush through, the pacing is one of a horror movie. Horror takes time to build. I personally love games like ‘Amnesia,’ that allow you to savor fear. It not all about feeling, but about thinking too. Half of the work is done in your brain, where you build the missing part of the setting.”

Story trickles in, as our injured anti hero tries to piece together the history of what happened to the family in the mansion. Deaths are alluded to, infidelity is hinted at and newspapers debate the policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt while telling tales of once proud men now begging for food.

“Nowadays we can see children die in the streets,” reads a handwritten note found in the mansionearly in the game. “Is this still America?”

It’s not spelled out, but the previous owners of the game’s Boston area mansion seem to have plunged on hard times themselves. In game diaries hint at a fallen upper middle class family. Renard says the period wasn’t chosen as a parallel to our own economically stressed times, adidas philippines careers but as more historical research was done it became unavoidable.

“The world works on a predator/prey system, and the real predators, even though they are few, keep hunting,” Renard says. “I fear this is not really optimistic but, well, ‘White Night’ is about darkness.”

How to Make Yourself Taller Naturally

Becoming tall is something we all want. In our society today, adidas supercolor taller people seem to be more confident and adidas superstar attractive. In fact, people who are tall are preferred in nearly all works of life. If you are wondering how to make yourself taller, then you don have to worry anymore. There is good news because all you questions have been answered here. Imagine those things you would be able to do if you were a little bit taller than you are at the moment. You too can become tall by following the step by step proven tips below.

Exercises are compulsory if you want to grow taller naturally. When it comes to exercises to grow taller naturally, stretching exercises are more effective. Being tall is credited to the bones in the legs and spine. So, you must do exercises that work on the spine and legs.

I have listed 3 stretching exercises below that have been tested to be effective to help anyone grow taller. Since, you are in search of how to make yourself taller, you will find them very useful.

The Yawn: This stretching exercise is very effective and simple. This exercise is similar to what we do when we just wake up from sleep. The aim of this exercise is to work on your spine. It simple but very effective if you do it always. You do this by standing straight and placing your hands behind your head. What you do next is to lean back as far as possible and adidas superstar look upwards. Do not underestimate the power of this exercise, put it to work and see how effective it is for you.

Stretch Your Legs: This is another stretching exercise that has been proven to be effective in increasing height. If you are wondering how to make yourself taller, then this exercise will help you works on the bones on your legs which will result in successive height increase. You do this by sitting on the floor with your rear and putting legs side by side, thereby making your legs form a V shape. Spread your legs out as far possible. Next, lean to one side and touch your toes with your hands. Then lean to the other side and grab your toes with your hands as well.

Bow Down Stretch: adidas philippines store This is a stretching exercise that works on the legs. I particularly like this exercise because it quite simple but yet extremely effective. You do this by standing with your legs straight and your hands on your hips. Then lean over in a bowing motion as far as possible. You can try to lean over till your head touches your knee. It might not be too easy at first but with time it will become easy. One thing you must bear in mind is that, you must keep your legs straight as possible as you can. If you bend your leg while doing this, then this exercise will not be effective.

‘Shoe bomber’ Richard Reid gets lifer

US District Judge William Young on Thursday sentenced to life Richard Reid, the Al Qaeda follower who tried to blow up, with explosives hidden in his shoes, adidas stan smith an American Airlines flight bound from Paris to Miami just three months after the September 11 attacks.

But before being dragged out of the courtroom, the 29 year old British citizen said, “You will be judged by Allah!

“Your government has sponsored the rape and torture of Muslims in the prisons of Egypt and adidas philippines office address Turkey and Syria and Jordan with their money and adidas philippines instagram with their weapons.”

The judge said: “We are not afraid of any of your terrorist coconspirators, Mr Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before.

“You are not an enemy combatant you are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war you are a terrorist. To call you a soldier gives you far too much stature. You are a terrorist and we do not negotiate with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice.”

The judge pointed to the American flag behind him and adidas philippines sale said: “You see that flag, Mr Reid? That’s the flag of the United States of America. That flag will fly there long after this is long forgotten.”

court time with writer Douglas Robson

You travel all over the world playing tennis tournaments. What are your tips for traveling well? Travel light, first. For things that you are taking with you on the plane, if you have a long flight, adidas supravy take a change of clothes. Dress in layers. Also, I pack at the last minute always in the morning on the day I’m traveling. It works for me.

Drink a lot of water when you have a long flight, like to Australia or from Europe to California. And adidas supravy no alcohol. Try to not eat too much, or [instead eat] light things, like salad and fruit. And bring books. Also, I always prefer to fly Air France.

What are your favorite vacation destinations? Anyplace with sun. Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, near the African coast. And the French Caribbean, like Guadeloupe. I’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti.

Any bizarre or frustrating things happen to you on the road? Well, loss of luggage happens sometimes. I always take my rackets with me on the plane, so I don’t need to worry about that, and a pair of tennis shoes so I can play.

Last year I missed a flight because I was sleeping in the London airport on my way to Montreal. I woke up and ran to the gate, but it was too late. But I won the tournament in Montreal that year!

What’s your least favorite part of traveling? What I hate is that I don’t get to see the country and the culture of wherever I go. I just see airports and hotels and tennis clubs. I would love to enjoy the culture of the places I travel.

What do you like best about traveling? We can still see a little of the culture of the countries we visit. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for much sightseeing.

Lidl ramps up expansion plans as other grocers try to slim down

Lidl has ratcheted up its UK expansion plan by issuing almost three times as many planning applications as Aldi for new supermarkets in the last quarter of the year.

Lidl filed 48 applications, worth roughly 150m in construction costs alone, adidas philippines office address during the three months to the end of 2015. Aldi filed 17, by comparison, during the same period.

Aldi filed 101. Sainsbury continued with its assault on the convenience market with 22, Tesco lodged just seven, Asda four and Morrisons only two, adidas stan smith according to figures compiled by Barbour ABI exclusively for The Sunday Telegraph. Aldi and Lidl expansion comes at a time when the major supermarkets have called a halt to the race in the wake of sliding sales and profitability, and are now urgently seeking ways to repurpose their vast superstores

Cut price Claret: Lidl is hoping to lure customers to its stores with a new range of discounted French wines Photo: alamy

end of adidas philippines sale 2015 showed once again that Aldi and Lidl are the only supermarkets in the UK with the appetite for investment in retail space, said Michael Dall, lead economist at Barbour ABI.

the big players remain focused on retaining current market share, Lidl in particular has maintained its ambitious expansion plans.

The budget supermarket witnessed the biggest sales growth compared to all of its rivals over the crucial Christmas trading season, lifting sales by 18.5p. It now controls 4.2pc of the UK food market. However, the growth of Aldi and Lidl older stores have been called into question by analysts at Bernstein, who have said that its sales figures are largely boosted by new stores.

In November, Lidl said it would invest 1.5bn over the next three years to ramp up its store expansion. It planned upmarket outlets that included self checkouts and customer toilets, which had previously been missing from its budget superstores.

The chain also said that it would refurbish around 150 existing stores over the next three to four years, in a move to make its shops more upmarket and suitable for an increasingly middle class customer base.

Ronny Gottschlich, the UK chief executive of Lidl

The grocer also has plans to open 280 stores in London and the M25 area including affluent neighbourhoods such as Kensington, Chiswick and Fulham.

Lidl currently has more than 630 stores in England, Scotland and Wales, and a goal to double in size and operate 1,500 stores across the UK. It also plans to launch in America by 2018.

Meanwhile, Tesco has added concessions including Dorothy Perkins to some of its Extra stores while Sainsbury plans to roll out Argos click and collect sites within all of its shops if it succeeds with a planned 1bn plus takeover of its rival.

Morrisons has offloaded 140 convenience stores and 28 supermarkets, although chief executive David Potts has said the company store closure programme is now over.

Kids Clothing

Jr. Cooper is an Australian fashion label for the kids. Their fashion statement is comfort and simplicity. Jr. Cooper has all the latest and trending fashion items. Jr. Cooper believes that kid outfit should be simple and comfortable. There is no need to complicate the things. The products of Jr. Cooper are 100% pure Australian designed.

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Size guide allows you to choose the products according to the size of your kid. We all are familiar that the most important thing while buying kids clothes is size. The size of the cloth should be accurate. It shouldn be too fit or adidas philippines instagram too loose. We all know that kids grow up very quickly. If you have any doubt regarding the size, adidas stan smith you can go for one size large. It allows your kid to wear those clothes for a few more months. The size chart available on the stores website will help you to recognize the size.

Jr. Cooper is fully aware of the latest fashions and trends and they know very well that kids nowadays are very much conscious about their appearance and looks. For adidas philippines branches this purpose, the company keeps itself updated with all the latest fashions. A huge range of latest clothing items is available on the store. You can go for any item that you want. Either it is pant, jeans, trouser, short or any other item. All of them are available in the latest designs. The items are available in different materials as well. This allows you to choose any material according to the weather conditions.

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Nordstrom JWN Q4 2015 Results

Greetings, and welcome to the Nordstrom Fourth Quarter 2015 Earnings Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen only mode. We will begin with prepared remarks, followed by a question and answer session. As a reminder, this conference is being recorded.

At this time, I’ll turn the call over to Mr. Blake Nordstrom. Please go ahead. Today’s discussion may include forward looking statements, so please refer to the slide showing our Safe Harbor language.

Participating in today’s call are Blake Nordstrom, Co President; and Mike Koppel, Chief Financial Officer, who will discuss the company’s fourth quarter and 2015 performance and the outlook for fiscal year 2016. Joining during the Q session will be Pete Nordstrom; and Erik Nordstrom, Co Presidents; and Jamie Nordstrom, President of Stores.

With that, I’ll turn the call over to Blake.

Thank you, and good afternoon, everyone. We’re encouraged that even through this current retail environment, we continue to gain market share. We added roughly $1 billion to our top line, adidas basketball shoes delivering total sales growth of 8%. For the fourth quarter, we had a 1% comp increase, as we anticipated, which was consistent with our third quarter’s increase of 0.9%.

As we look ahead to 2016, we have always considered 2015 to be a peak investment year. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is the current environment that we are facing which requires us to pivot even more as we remain focused on improving profitability. In response, we are making adjustments to reduce expense and capital spending in 2016 and in the coming years.

For 2015, total sales in our full price business, inclusive of Canada and Trunk Club, increased 5%.

From a merchandising perspective, we’re always pursuing newness in fashion to increase our relevance with customers. For example, we continued our success with brands like Topshop, Madewell, Brandy Melville and Charlotte Tilbury. These brand partnerships have contributed to the strength of our contemporary department and attracted new customers to Nordstrom.

Additionally, we had continued momentum in Beauty, which has been among our top performing categories for the fourth straight year.

Going forward, it is even more important for us to remain focused on the customer as our business continues to evolve. We’ve made significant investments to enable customers to shop seamlessly across stores and online as well as to grow our business through new markets. With over $3 billion invested in capital over the last five years, we grew our top line by 50%, which was nearly $5 billion. We’re also mindful of the importance for these investments to flow through to the bottom line.

While we’re on track with our $20 billion sales ambition by 2020, our efforts to serve customers in multiple channels are having an impact to our business model. In response to changes in our business and current conditions, we’ve started to implement a number of opportunities to improve profitability.

From a CapEx perspective, adidas philippines careers we reduced our plan by $300 million over the next five years. From an earnings perspective, our expenses have grown faster than sales to support our multichannel growth. We are taking action to moderate our expense growth over the next several years. Specific to 2016, we have planned expense savings of $100 million relative to our plans a year ago. This equates to a reduction of $50 million relative to 2015. We are actively pursuing additional opportunities to improve profitability this year and in the years to come. We view this as fluid and iterative process as we stay focused on the customer and proactively ensure resources are aligned with customer expectations.

I’ll now turn it over to Mike, who will provide more details on these changes with respect to our financial outlook.

Michael G. Koppel Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President

Thanks, Blake. First, I’d like to comment on our current results. We finished the year with our results in line with our expectations. Clearly this was a difficult period with industry sales declines and increased promotional activity resulting in compressed merchandise margins. As stated last quarter, we responded quickly and decisively to these trends with respect to inventory levels. While we believe our inventory is current, we continue to monitor trends and make the appropriate adjustments to assure we remain price competitive and have the best product available for our customers.

On the expense side, overall operations were well managed, resulting in an improved SG rate for the fourth quarter relative to our expectations.

Now, adidas philippines careers I’d like to provide perspective on how we see our business evolving given current business conditions, our investment cycle and commitment to delivering top quartile shareholder returns.

In evolving with our customers, we made significant investments to enable customers to shop in multiple ways. This has resulted in market share gains, but also structural changes to our operating costs. For example, e commerce now represents over 20% of our sales, a notable increase from 8% five years ago. This business model has a high variable cost structure driven by fulfillment and marketing costs in addition to ongoing technology investments. With our increased investments to gain market share along with the changing business model, expenses in recent years have grown faster than sales.

As Blake mentioned, adidas philippines sale we are pursuing the following opportunities with focused efforts on increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

In technology, we are planning productivity improvements by focusing on fewer, more meaningful projects, such as a scalable merchandising solution that supports seamless integration across multiple channels. In addition, we are accelerating our efforts to re platform our architecture to streamline development while reducing costs. In fulfillment, we are assessing ways to improve efficiencies around delivering product to customers which is expected to generate lower shipping costs. We are also refining our online assortments with a focus on unit profitability.

In marketing, we are focusing on improving our effectiveness across all channels. Consistent with our fulfillment efforts, we are measuring enterprise profitability of our total marketing spend.

These and other initiatives are multi year in nature. While we have successfully gained market share, we are also committed to growing profitability. With our investments moderating, we view 2016 as an inflection point of earnings growth improvement. We are focused on reshaping our business model and continuing that effort over the next several years to achieve our previously stated goal of mid teens return on invested capital. As part of our regular communications, we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Moving to our capital investments, our five year CapEx plan of $4 billion or 5% of sales represents a $300 million reduction in store investments relative to last year’s plan. In 2016, we expect CapEx to be roughly $900 million, with one third allocated to Canada and Manhattan. Technology and adidas originals fulfillment, which represents another third is planned flat to last year, a considerable reduction from a 35% annualized growth over the last five years.

Katie Price at RoboCop premiere with Kieran Hayler in unusual fluffy shoes

Katie Price has certainly shown off a unique dress sense over the years whether she’s dressed as a giant pink horse or a massive pair of lips she always seems to have a new trick up her sleeve.

But the star, 35, channelled her inner Shire horse at the premiere of the RoboCop remake in London on Wednesday night.

Glamour model Katie, adidas philippines store who has horses of her own and has released an equestrian clothing range, wore a pair of black leggings, a matching jumper and a leather jacket for adidas philippines branches the glitzy event.

However, her white shoes gave her a horse like appearance with the Shire breed also having longer white hair at the bottom of their legs.

Katie attended the premiere with her husband, builder and part time stripper Kieran Hayler, and adidas philippines the pair looked happy as they posed together outside the venue.

And, while Katie has now found happiness with Kieran, one her of exes recently spoke out to admit he regrets denying he ever slept with the model.

Former Pop Idol winner Gareth Gates, 29, adidas philippines branches had a fling with Katie when he was aged 17 but he denied it ever happened when she announced it to the world back in 2002.

But the singer now admits he had a great time with Katie, telling The Sun: “I don’t regret sleeping with Jordan. It was an amazing time. I wish I hadn’t lied about it though.

“I have never spoken about my personal relationships with anyone and had no intention of doing so until now.

“At the end of Pop Idol I did have a brief relationship with Jordan. I was 17 years old . I was pursued by her. I was bemused as to why she went to the press as I see relationships as private.”

Liz’s size fives set the tone at handlebar house

Sandstone lions guard the door of this Tuscan gold coloured domain, set deep in a banana tree jungle. The house is packed with curiosities exotic orchids, Dutch paintings, sculptures of Cambodian royalty, coloured glass Egyptian lamps, and two carved African hippos anointed Hillary and Hector.

There are two guest rooms, an immaculately appointed Victorian drawing room, a music library with a baby grand piano and floor adidas obuv lacno to ceiling sliding shelves of records and CDs, a home theatre with movie projector, and a bathroom filled by a Wimbledon crowd photograph where ”everyone watches you doing your business”.

In the true spirit of the Chateau Marmont, the strictest convention at Cotterville is reserved for cocktail hour, which Howard and Jerry host for guests every day at 5pm sharp.

It is a place where many fantastic, fabulous and beautiful things happen and where the ”kids” Elizabeth and Taylor are really the ones in charge.

Howard Neil and Jerry Vincent (right) at their guest house. Photo: Simon Schluter

”They own the building,” says Howard. ”We are only here to walk and feed.”

Upstairs is a tiny size 5 pair of shoes once owned by Liz herself, a gift from a friend who once worked for her. Guests usually male guests, Jerry says have often tried to squeeze into them.

In thanks, Howard and Jerry sent Liz a picture of her shoes with her two puppy namesakes, which she returned with a signed photograph.

But Howard, who raises his hand seeking permission to speak, said their love of Liz went only so far. ”We do not worship at her altar. We said, ‘You can’t have your shoes back and you can’t have the kids’.”

In a conspiratorial tone, he explains: adidas obuv kosice ”I hate the word d o g s.”

The kids are nicknamed ”Tails” and ”Idbit” (their predecessors were named after Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy). They wear bandannas and sunglasses, are trained to jump on the couch after Howard counts to three in Japanese, and can apparently even spell so Howard and Jerry call walks ”a big M upside down”.

Elizabeth excitedly greets guests, eliciting cries of admonishment from Howard: ”You are a slut, an absolute slut!” Jerry is the voice of reason: ”She is very gregarious. That is probably a nicer word.”

Howard says Elizabeth, the only girl in the house, is ”a man’s woman” and drags Taylor around by his bandanna.

The kids got jealous when Howard and Jerry returned from a South African trip with a pair of carved hippos that were about their size. Howard says the dogs sniffed their new acquisitions’ ”bums” suspiciously, fearful they were being replaced.

But ”Hector and Hillary” soon blended into the extensive art collection in the house and the kids were reassured of their unimpeachable status.

Jerry works at Arts Victoria and Howard was ”a black and white minstrel” in Britain, singing and dancing in black face make up, which he admits is not politically correct or to modern tastes. He says he continued his career as ”a mass murderer”. ”I have killed so many people it’s appalling.”

What he means is that he was a TV director, on shows like The Sullivans, Carson’s Law, Neighbours, Holiday Island, Zoo Family, in which he killed off many of his characters.

Although he claims to be more comfortable ”behind the camera”, he now uses his finely tuned sense of dramatic timing to entertain their menagerie of guests.

Eight women disqualified from doubles

Two pairs from South Korea and adidas philippines careers one each from China and Indonesia made a series of basic errors in Tuesday’s matches.All four pairs were accused of wanting to lose, in an attempt to manipulate the draw for the knockout stage.WATCH AGAINWatch both of the matches again in full via our video playerA South Korean appeal was rejected by the Badminton World Federation, adidas basketball shoes while Indonesia withdrew an appeal.As well as the “not using best efforts” charge, the players were also accused of “conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport”.Their places in the last eight will be taken by the pairs who finished third and fourth in the qualifying groups concerned.Some players had blamed the introduction of a round robin stage rather than a straight knockout tournament as the catalyst. In the round robin format, adidas basketball shoes losing one game can ultimately lead to an easier match up in the next round.The longest rally in the first game lasted only four shots, with match referee Thorsten Berg appearing on court at one point to warn the players. South Korea won the Group A match, which lasted 23 minutes, 21 14 21 11.Both pairs knew the winners would face China’s Tian Quing and adidas supercolor Zhao Yunlei. With Yu and Wang losing, the two Chinese pairings could have only met in the final.Speaking before the disqualification verdict was released, South Korea’s coach Sung Han kook, adidas philippines sale said: “The Chinese started this. They did it first.”But Yu said the Chinese were aiming to preserve energy ahead of the knockout stages. “This is the first time we’ve played them and tomorrow it’s the knockout rounds, so we’ve already qualified and we wanted to have more energy for the knockout rounds,” she said.A later match between South Korean third seeds Ha Jung Eun and Kim Min Jung and Indonesian pair Meiliana Juahari and Greysia Polii was played out in a similar atmosphere.Referee Berg returned to court and brandished the black card, signalling disqualification, but it was rescinded and the match resumed when the Indonesians protested.