How Not To Look Old When You’re Fabulous Over 50

Ahh, the effects of being a woman over 50. We have wrinkles around our eyes, fuzz on our faces, sagging boobs, expanding waistlines, and gray hair. It’s harder to find a decent pair of jeans that fits. We prefer house shoes to high heels. Clothing seems to be designed for either our mothers or our daughters. Style over 50 definitely becomes a bigger challenge.

But there’s nothing that says we have to settle for our looks and accept our bodies just because we’re aging. In fact, adidas balerinky there’s a whole new you that can be uncovered with just a few simple changes to your makeup and wardrobe. Not the changes you get from a plastic surgeon we’ve all seen women who looked much better before they had “just a little work done.” Rather minor tweaks in things like hair, lipstick, skirt length and even nail polish that will make us look younger and feel better about ourselves.

I recently began reading How Not to Look Old by Charla Krupp. Charla has been the beauty director at Glamour magazine and an editor at In Style, as well as appearing on television countless times on The Today Show, Oprah and Tyra. I’ll share her pointers with you here in the next few articles as I explore ways to look younger while staying away from the doctor’s office, everything from clothing to nails to hairstyles for women over 50. As Charla says,” We’re going to fight aging, and we’re going to look great doing it.”

The first thing Charla recommends is evaluating your “maintenance level.” Are you high, medium or low maintenance?

You are high maintenance if you never leave the house without a full face of makeup, you wear business attire when traveling, your favorite store is Neiman Marcus, you would spend your lottery winnings on a facelift and your crow’s feet are all gone.

You are medium maintenance if you never leave the house without some lipstick and mascara, you wear pants and a nice sweater when traveling, you shop at Sephora instead of Neiman’s, you would spend your lottery winnings on a whole new wardrobe and your crow’s feet are a constant source of worry.

You are low maintenance if you never leave the house without a clean face, you wear whatever is comfiest when traveling, you choose Williams Sonoma over Ann Taylor, you would spend your lottery winnings on a new car and crow’s feet never cross your mind.

Are you a purist, or a mix of all three? Whichever category you fit in, there are beauty tips just for you. You can look like a high maintenance beauty even if you’re a low maintenance gal. Tips on fitness, nutrition and exercise provide ways to achieve a better overall “wellness.” You can find out more information on how style and beauty tips help women look their best while accepting the changes their bodies are going through. Join us for stories about other women your own age who have accomplished big goals, or gone through their own transitions, help us inspire women to step out on faith and achieve their own dreams.

The ‘Jimmy Choos’ of horseshoes

Read: ‘Ultimate race horse’ up for adidas philippines office address saleAnd whereas a pair of adidas running shoes made by Jimmy Choo can fetch more than $3,200, adidas philippines a set of four titanium horseshoes costs a mere $560.”We are aiming to build confidence with the horse and the racing team,” John Barnes, a titanium expert with CSIRO Titanium Technologies, told CNN in an email. “We still believe we can take more weight out.”In producing the titanium model, scientists scanned a horse’s hooves using a hand held device before formulating the design with software, CSIRO said in a news release with a headline referring to the famous Malaysian born designer.”Four of the customized kicks were printed within only a few hours!” according to CSIRO.”It was a team decision when we were trying get people to understand the potential of additive manufacturing and how you don’t have to be an expert designer,” said Barnes.”Advances in 3 D scanning provide an easy, affordable way to get a customized object and still have ultimate design flexibility.”There are so many ways we can use 3 D titanium printing.”Read: The horse that upstaged KylieRichard Perham, a senior jockey coach at the British Racing School in Newmarket, England, said the new technology has potential.”My job as a jockey coach is to get the riders to understand more about making finer points count,” Perham, a flat jockey for 16 years prior to retiring, told CNN. “So if you add all those little points up and all those little 100 grams up, adidas philippines price list then I think there would be an advantage.

I played Tetris so your kids don have to

I knew something was wrong when I found myself doing doughnuts in a fully loaded slave ship off of Ivory Coast.

During the past week, an educational game aimed at elementary and middle school students titled “Playing History 2 Slave Trade” has been the subject of online controversy over a brief segment that involved puzzle stacking the bodies of cartoon slaves inside a ship. This earned the game the nickname “Slave Tetris.”

Part of a series of educational games by the Danish company Serious Games, “Playing History 2 Slave Trade” was released in Europe in 2013 but didn provoke outrage until it was added to the online gaming store Steam late last month.

In response, the Danish company removed the “Tetris” like segment (though references to “stacking” slaves still exist), tweeting that “it was perceived to be extremely insensitive by some people.”

But why was the slave stacking mini game originally included in “Playing History”? And is the rest of the game as bad as the “Slave Tetris” portion, which sounds like something racist Internet trolls would make? Is removing just one section of this game enough?

To find out, I decided to play the game from start to finish and try to make sense of what was conceived as a legitimate teaching tool.

First, some background: In the game, you play as a young slave boy named Tim, who must help his master, a slave ship captain, buy 300 slaves and transport them to the Americas. Along the way, you discover that your sister is being sold as well. Instead of taking the guns and rebelling or freeing her immediately, you stuff her into a slave ship and sail her across the Atlantic.

Yes you, a black slave, adidas philippines careers pilot the slave ship. Twice. To “win” this section, you are literally tasked with being a good slave driver. As time expires, your boat runs out of rations. So you need to steer the boat, avoid wind blasts that blow you off course, and collect items that replenish your food gauge.

If you try to go back to Africa, you fail. If you don sail your boat fast enough, you fail.

But whether you make the trip successfully or not, you have the option of playing through the segment again over and over. This portion is all about the fun of scooting around on a boat as a ship captain. “Winning” here means getting all of the slaves (including yourself) to America.

The most disturbing thing is that this is one of the most engaging and “fun” parts of the game.

It reminded me of playing “The Oregon Trail” in the third grade on an old Apple IIe that we had in the back of the classroom at my elementary school. That game is supposed to teach you pioneer life on the frontier (while leaving out the massacre of Native Americans). But at that time, I didn really care if Mary Sue got dysentery or if the river was too high to ford. As a third grader, all I wanted to do was to get to the hunting scene, where you get to shoot bears and squirrels. “The Oregon Trail” anticipated this, though, and made the hunting scenes a reward that you could enjoy only if you managed your resources properly.

That where this slave boat race fails. It as if “The Oregon Trail” had a special mode that let you skip all the historical education and just shoot bears, on repeat, forever. Except this time, you schlep around black people while collecting icons of cakes and wine delicacies that the slaves below deck are certainly not eating.

Somehow, this part of the game has escaped media attention. Serious Games has had to answer for only the “Slave Tetris” portion. According to a statement posted on the Steam forums from Serious Games Chief Executive Simon Egenfeldt Nielsen, the slave cramming mini game was intended to be “insensitive and gruesome,” in order to teach about slavery effectively. “The reactions people have to this game,” he continued, adidas stan smith are “something they will never forget, and they will remember just how inhumane slave trade was.”

Would a young player be able to grasp the inhumanity of the slave trade, all while being rewarded for stacking brick slaves efficiently or expertly navigating a slave ship?

Allie Jane Bruce, a children librarian at the Bank Street College of Education in New York, doesn think so. I called her to ask if she would recommend a mini game like “Slave Tetris” to teach kids, and before I could finish the question she interrupted me: “Slavery should not be fun.”

Bruce, who works with children in the game target audience group, said that even if students had “unforgettable” realizations of the true nature of slavery, the use of a fun mini game to teach this is very “white centric.” Black students, she said, would not need the experience of playing a Tetris like game to realize that slavery was inhumane.

“Put yourself in the shoes of a black child,” Bruce said, “watching their white classmates playing Tetris with people that look like you. Even if the classroom was all black, what kind of image is that, seeing yourself played with as a Tetris block? It wrong on so many levels.”

Even without the now removed section, the educational value of the game itself is debatable.

In a game that claims to portray horrors of the transatlantic slave trade, the slave owners in “Slave Trade” are pretty nice. If you complete a simple task for even the meanest white person, they are kinder to you. In fact, some of the rudest characters in the game are not white slavers but black slave characters, who sometimes refer to white characters as “white devils.”

The most sympathetic character in the game is Doctor Eagleledge, a kind old white man whose job is to keep the crew and cargo of the slave ship healthy. He calls the protagonist Tim by his original African name, Putij (but only when other white people aren around), and seems to exist mainly to show the player that not all white people were bad. Eagleledge offers to write to King George about the poor conditions of slave ships, but he never takes any real action himself. Instead, he offers distractions, telling your character that “the only way to forget the horrors is to think of something else, like poetry.”

Eagleledge line turns out to be a theme of the rest of the game. “Slave Trade” occasionally hints at the cruelty of slavery but quickly drops the topic for lighter conversation.

That not to say there is no historical accuracy in the game. Any young player who finishes “Slave Trade” will know what scurvy was, that some slaves died during the the trip from West Africa to the Americas, and how long that voyage took.

But other facts risk being misconstrued.

In an African village, your character gets into an argument with an African man who is angry at you for collaborating with the white slavers. But your character argues back and tells him, “You not exactly angels, either,” because they are selling slaves to the whites. It strange that this is in the game at all. It reduces slavery to a story of “bad people” on both sides doing bad things and ignores the structure of violence and racism that allowed slavery to happen.

Another troubling part of this game is the point system. Help your master bargain with locals to bring down the cost of slave children and adidas philippines instagram you rewarded with points. But if you lie to your master to help a slave, you risk losing “Trust Points.” If you comply immediately, you can avoid this penalty. In general, the game won proceed until you comply, so if you want to do “well,” you quickly learn to do as you are told. The moral lesson seems to be: Bide your time, be polite, and endure or in other words, be a good slave.

At the end, adidas philippines instagram you help other slaves escape captivity. This is a “happy ending” and possibly what a young gamer might expect. But it serves to lighten the mood in a game that is probably too light to begin with, considering that it already includes a comic relief caricature named Susu, the spear wielding, bare chested African who cracks lines like Mr. T classic “I pity the fool.”

He also said that the game was not intended to be a stand alone experience. Serious Games sent me a copy of supplementary print out materials provided for teachers and students to use along with the game.

Released Mexican drug lord trying to get back into business

FILE This undated file photo provided by Mexico’s government shows drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero in an unknown location. Chihuahua Attorney General Jorge Gonzalez told reporters on Monday, July 4, 2016 that the old guard drug lord mistakenly released in 2013 is apparently trying to get back into the drug trade. (Mexico’s government via AP/File) less

FILE This undated file photo provided by Mexico’s government shows drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero in an unknown location. Chihuahua Attorney General Jorge Gonzalez told reporters on Monday, adidas supercolor July 4, 2016 that . more

Rafael Caro Quintero: $650 Million Quintero was one of the founders of the Guadalajara Cartel. He was sentenced to 40 years in Mexico in 1985 but was released in 2013. Shortly after, Mexico issued a court order to have him re arrested. He was sentenced to 40 years in Mexico in 1985 but was released in 2013. Shortly after, Mexico issued a court orderDepartment Of State

The Ochoa Brothers: $6 Billion

Juan David Ochoa (left) and his brother Jorge Luis Ochoa (right), along with their brother Fabio Ochoa and Pablo Escobar were founding members of the Medellin Cartel. Juan David died of from cardiac arrest in 2013. Jorge Luis served five years for drug trafficking in Colombia during the 1990s and is currently free.

The Ochoa Brothers: $6 Billion

Juan David Ochoa (left) and adidas shoes philippines his brother Jorge Luis Ochoa (right), along with their brother Fabio Ochoa and Pablo Escobar were founding members of the Medellin Cartel. Juanmore

Photo: Carlos Villalon, Getty Images

Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Vicente Carrillo Fuentes (pictured): adidas philippines sale 2015 $25 Billion

Amado was once head of the Jurez Cartel. He died in 1997 following complications from plastic surgery.

Carrillo Fuentes was also a leader the cartel. He died in 1997 following complications from plastic surgery.

Carrillo Fuentes was also amore

Photo: Anadolu Agency, File Photos

Caro Quintero, 63, was a founding member of one of Mexico’s earliest and biggest drug gangs, the Guadalajara cartel. He helped establish a powerful cartel based in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa that later split into some of Mexico’s largest drug organizations, including the Sinaloa and Juarez cartels.

“At the national level the possibility has been recognized that one of the country’s best known drug traffickers, Rafael Caro Quintero, may be invading Chihuahua, and we have information that he is planning to come here,” Gonzalez told reporters. “We are taking care and protecting against a possible advance by this man who could want to come here and fight the Sinaloa cartel for part of the criminal work they carry out.”

and other associates ran the Sinaloa cartel for decades after Caro Quintero was imprisoned in the 1980s. But Guzman’s re capture in January may have encouraged other traffickers to retake parts of his territory.

Caro Quintero walked free in 2013 after a Mexican federal court overturned his 40 year sentence in the kidnapping, torture and murder of agent . The three judge appeals court in the western state of Jalisco ordered Caro Quintero’s immediate release on procedural grounds after 28 years behind bars, saying he should have originally been prosecuted in a state court instead of federal court.

Mike Vigil, a former chief of international operations for the , said the Mexican military has information that Caro Quintero has aligned with members of what remains of the drug gang to try to wrest control of Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas, adidas shoes philippines and the surrounding area of Chihuahua state from the Sinaloa cartel.

from status symbol to badge of shame

The ne plus ultra of luxury fashion status symbols is the target of a take down by its celebrity namesake.

The crocodile Herm Birkin bag, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, has spawned waiting lists of lore and is carried like a trophy by celebs from Oprah to Lady Gaga, adidas tenisky is at the center of a controversy that has the power to affect the future of luxury fashion.

In case you missed it, British model/singer Jane Birkin is demanding that the bag be renamed, adidas obuv pánska after she learned about the cruelty to crocodiles used to make the bags.

Her response came after she viewed the animal rights organization stomach turning expose of the Beast, which looks at the farming and slaughter of reptiles in undercover videos from Texas and Zimbabwe farms, including a scene where a crocodile is sawed open alive. The skins are not only used for bags, but also shoes and watch bands.

Birkin’s special request to Hermes Singer and actress Jane Birkin asks Hermes to remove her name from its croc Birkin bag.

Singer and actress Jane Birkin asks Hermesto remove her name from its croc Birkin bag.

Herm has denied that the farms in the video are theirs, and issued a statement saying, respects and shares her emotions and was also shocked by the images recently broadcast. The bag was created by former Herm executive Jean Louis Dumas 1984.

But that hasn’t quieted the outrage, which PETA has been stoking for several weeks by organizing protests around luxury shopping districts, promoting thehashtag killedforhermes on social media and adidas obuv teaming up with the group Freedom of Animals to create a mockcroc, adidas obuv pánska vegan “Virkin bag, selling for $400, with 20% of sales of the style to be donated to PETA. (PETA gifted the bag to at least one celeb and Birkin collector, Victoria Beckham, in hopes of getting her to turn on the brand, according to the Daily Mail in London.)

Report: Alexander Wang to leave Balenciaga Susan Denley

Creative directorAlexander Wang is on his way out at Balenciaga, WWD reports. Citing unnamed “market sources,” the WWD says that Wang’s New York Fashion Week show in September will be his last for Balenciaga, which hired him in December 2012. Speculation about Wang’s future with the label began.

Creative directorAlexander Wang is on his way out at Balenciaga, WWD reports. Citing unnamed “market sources,” the WWD says that Wang’s New York Fashion Week show in September will be his last for Balenciaga, which hired him in December 2012. Animal rights protesters used to be a mainstay at fashion weeks in New York and Europe, storming the runways with predictable regularity at high profile shows by Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and others. But in recent years, they have been largely silent as PETA shifted its message online to social media. This controversy is a victory for the group, which has half a million Twitter followers, and further proof of how celebrity shaming can be a tactic to promote outrage and activism.

It could also signal a tipping point in the trend of ethical consumerism, and how it will define the future of luxury. So far, the discussion has centered around sustainability, with images of the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh, and the recent film True Cost increasing shoppers awareness of the human and environmental toll of consumption. The Hermes Birkin controversy is expanding the discussion to include fashion toll on the animal kingdom in the most high profile way, by targeting the very symbol of luxury, the vaunted Hermes brand.

Whether all of this influences the Hermes bottom line is another story.

Forty five percent of the French luxury goods firm sales come from leather goods, including crocodile, ostrich and calf, and the Birkin is the brand most famous design. Waiting lists for the bags, which are made by hand, are legendary, with shoppers waiting months to pay six figures for the coveted carry alls. Several books have been published about the phenomenon, including Home The Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World Most Coveted Handbag, in 2009.

In recent years, though, the ostentatious style has been so overexposed in paparazzi photos and on reality TV that it almost become outre. Last year, many pop culture observers gagged when Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian an Hermes Birkin bag for her 34th birthday that had been hand painted by their 1 year old daughter, North. And in 2010, Lady Gaga made headlines for defacing her white Birkin with a Sharpie.

Meanwhile, Hermes has been downplaying flash in favor of a more stealth wealth look. And when Hermes newly appointed design director Nadege Vanhee Cybulski (who came from The Row) showed her first collection for the brand at Paris Fashion Week in March, there wasn a Birkin to be seen on the runway. Instead, the collection was quiet and minimal, right down to the new, structured Octogone handbag.

Will this be the beginning of a true movement away from trophy bags in exotic skins or a momentary social media blip? Will the Birkin bag go from status symbol to badge of shame? Only time will tell.

reality check

The government’s economic stimulus program begins today, and William Pearson of Los Angeles is ready to receive his $600 tax rebate and hoard it.

“I’m too afraid to spend it,” Pearson, 63, said last week. “No one knows where gas or food is going to go, and I’m uncertain about making it through the summer.”

The Internal Revenue Service will begin sending rebates via electronic direct deposit today and mailing checks starting May 9. President Bush said last week the $110 billion that 130 million households should receive by midsummer would help offset high gasoline and food prices and “give our economy a boost to help us pull out of the economic slowdown.”

Pearson, a bachelor who makes $45,000 a year as a groundskeeper for an adidas philippines office address building, said he wasn’t so sure about that. He’ll save rather than spend his $600 rebate, which is what recent public opinion polls found most Americans planned to do.

“For the trouble we’re in, it’s a petty amount,” Pearson said. “If we could see the economy leveling off in the future, we might spend it, but we’re trying to be realists. This money looks like something everyone’s going to have to hold on to.”

Not everyone is eligible. Singles with adjusted gross incomes of more than $87,000 and married joint filers with incomes of more than $174,000 won’t get checks. The closer taxpayers get to these caps, the smaller their rebates will be.

Pasadena electrician Floyd Henderson, 62, believes he makes too much to qualify for a rebate.

“I think it’s unfair everyone should be getting it,” he said. And if he were to receive a rebate? “I’m definitely not in a spending mood. I would sit on it, or use it to pay my bills.”

A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll found that 31% of eligible taxpayers were keen to use their rebates to wipe out debt, and that 34% wanted to bolster their savings. Only 18% of respondents said they planned to spend the money.

Booming fuel and food prices and shriveling incomes and home values have pushed consumer confidence to a quarter century low, according to a survey by Reuters and the University of Michigan. It found that 30% of people would buy things with their rebate checks.

Kwame Addo of Chino Hills is one of those. He and his wife figure they’ll receive $1,200, and he’ll use some of it to visit his sister in London in a few weeks, a trip made affordable by a $460 round trip ticket.

“The dollar is low compared to the euro, so it’ll come in handy,” said Addo, 41, a vice president at Union Bank of California.

Calling the economic stimulus plan “a nice gesture,” Addo said he might treat himself to some new shirts and shoes in the spirit of helping out the country. But he has an American Express balance to pay off, two children to support and adidas philippines facebook other expenses, adidas philippines store though he doesn’t have much debt, unlike some of his friends. He doesn’t figure they’ll be shopping with their rebate money.

“Most people could use extra padding, but I don’t think they’ll use it the way it’s intended,” he said. “The economy’s doing badly, with foreclosures left and right, and we need more action on the big ticket items.”

The rebate program will pass Jason Lee by, not because he earns too much but because his income is too low. The 26 year old from Valencia, who manages stuffed animal shop Lenovia Plush in downtown Los Angeles, said he was dismayed when he learned he didn’t qualify.

“The stimulus plan should focus on people who are lower income who don’t make that much,” he said. “I should be the one getting that money. It doesn’t make sense.”

“I’m OK financially. The amount’s not enough to really help me, but it’ll help them,” said Becker, a 49 year old from Simi Valley. “With costs rising, they’ll need whatever they can get.”

‘We have made Manoj Bajpayee vulnerable’

First time director Soumendra Padhi’s film Budhia Singh: Born To Run has already won the National award for Best Children’s Film. And to think that he didn’t have the confidence to tell his parents that he wanted to become a director.

A software engineer, Odisha based Padhi came to Mumbai without informing them about his movie making plans. Even while he was making the film, they though he was in the advertising field.

Only when news of the film broke out, did his parents realise the truth about their son.

“This is the best time to make films,” Padhi says. “A lot of things have changed in the last five seven years. People are ready to bet on new things. The audience has also changed and want to see different stuff.”

Starring Manoj Bajpayee and Mayur Patole, Budhia Singh: Born To Run will release on August 5.

There are quite a few biopics being made on sports personalities. Why did you choose to make a film on Budhia Singh?

I think we haven’t touched child prodigies. This will be the first film to do so.

What if there is a special talent like him, do we have the infrastructure to deal with it? That is the larger question the film is trying to ask.

The other reason is that a film on a marathon (runner) has never been made. Films on sprint running have been made but the marathon is a different sport.

The reason I wanted to make this film was because I was fascinated with child prodigies since my childhood, be it Lord Krishna or anyone. Being from an army school, adidas philippines I wanted to do something in sports as well. I am from Odisha, so all the puzzles pieces came together with this film.

There are a lot of contradictions in the film, which are very interesting.

It has all the elements that you need in a story.

Even the lead character is a little flawed, which makes it even more interesting.

How did you go about the casting?

We couldn’t go for commercial actors because they wouldn’t want to explore an unknown area but we needed someone famous.

We needed an actor of Manoj Bajpayee’s caliber. We have made him as vulnerable as we can.

We chose actors who could take the risk.

The casting of Budhia’s character was a long process. We had auditioned 1,200 kids for four five months. The children came from Pune, Mumbai’s Dharavi slums, adidas supercolor Odhisa, Chattisgarh, Delhi and Hyderabad.

The child is the soul of the film and if he doesn’t connect, the film will not connect with the audience.

Finally, we found him in Mayur Patole. He was very good in running and has a similar background (to the real Budhia Singh). There is a lot of loneliness in his eyes. He had never faced the camera before. We wanted someone fresh, so we could capture the innocence and adidas basketball shoes vulnerability.

The other cast consisted of theatre actors from Odisha, Bengal, Mumbai, Pune and Satara.

He doesn’t remember that part of his life.

He remembers briefly that his coach would wake him up early in the morning and adidas philippines he didn’t know why. The coach would make him run, and talk about politics. They used to give him oil massage because he used to run 30 km a day.

What is a Cushion Cut Aquamarine

Though it is not as famous as its other gemstone counterparts such as rubies and diamonds, adidas philippines instagram aquamarine is still sought after because of its hardness. In fact, it comes close to the diamond in the Mohs scale. This means that it does not get damaged easily and adidas running shoes is well protected from scratches.

Even if it is predominantly blue, it still works very well with almost any type of skin and eye color. It can be worn when you are in your casual attire and when you are in your best suit or gown on special events. Because it shimmers or glimmers when exposed to light, there is no way that you cannot capture the attention of others.

Most of all, an aquamarine gemstone is usually free of any type of inclusion. You get the best value for your money, and when the stone is set in your favorite cut like the cushion cut, you are assured that little to no portion of it is being removed.

Finding a cushion cut ring these days, particularly one that has an aquamarine stone, can be pretty hard because it has been dominated by better and newer cuts like marquise or princess. However, that does not mean that it is inferior in quality and adidas philippines price list beauty.

This type of cut is also known as the candlelight, because a long time ago it is best viewed under the candlelight. You will hardly miss it, though. The stones are larger and cut with rounded corners. It is necessary for the setting to have at least 4 prongs to make sure that the stone is well placed and protected. More may be needed if you are using a much larger aquamarine.

The charm of the cushion cut rings lies in the fact that it is a very classic cut and very romantic. That is why it is also being given away as an engagement ring. When placed side by side by other round cuts, cushion cuts always stand out. It also allows you to bring the attention directly into the stone, which should always be the highlight of any type setting or adidas philippines branches ring style.

Liberty Insurance expected to replace Guinness as hurling sponsors

A new deal with American company Liberty Insurance is expected to be announced in the coming weeks to add to the deals already in place with Etihad and Centra under in the multi sponsor adidas supercolor model adopted by the GAA.

Liberty Insurance took over the existing business remaining from the adidas philippines sale of Quinn Insurance and adidas philippines store have invested heavily in marketing and adidas philippines store advertising in the Irish market, including sponsoring The Late Late Show.

The GAA announced that Guinness will become ‘proud partner’ to both the GAA and Croke Park Stadium, where they hold the pouring rights for the venue’s bars and restaurants.

Commenting on the new agreement, GAA commercial and stadium director Peter McKenna said: “There is no doubt that the GAA has benefited enormously from the marketing expertise of one of the world’s most creative companies. We appreciate that all sponsorship has a natural time span, and we are pleased to be taking our association with Guinness in a new direction”.

The end to the Guinness sponsorship of the All Ireland adidas superstar Hurling Championship comes against the backdrop of a proposed ban on drinks companies sponsoring sporting events.

The multitalented bread

Fresh or stale the versatile and the staple bread has many uses

Bread has been around since ages; archaeologists found 81 loaves of bread still sitting in an oven preserved and blackened by volcanic ash from Pompeii and the British Museum showcases a 4,000 years old loaf of bread excavated from the pyramids of Egypt. Indian chapattis, the bread equivalent was made perhaps right since the Indus civilisation, as grain cultivation began then. And adidas philippines instagram the most infamous reference to bread in history is draped in the legendary story of Marie Antoinette, the queen of Louis XVI who, when told by her advisor that the people of France are starving because there is no bread to eat, ordered him to tell them to eat cake; purportedly the main reason why Antoinette had to face the guillotine and consequently was born. Not surprisingly, the plain old loaf of bread is just as versatile as it is old and legendary. Thanks to the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, too busy gambling to stop for food, ordered a waiter to bring him roast beef between two slices of bread so he wouldn’t get his fingers greasy, the ever popular fashion of using bread, was born.

In addition to the multitude varieties of sandwiches, subs, burgers and uses of fresh bread, stale bread too is equally useful. While buying, lightly squeeze for freshness; a softer loaf is generally fresher. But don’t discard stale bread or adidas philippines sale 2015 the bread (ends of the sliced loaf actually believed to be the healthiest part of the bread), they actually enhance many dishes. The end crust or heel also makes a handy spoon rest while cooking.

Chop and fry them to make croutons for soup. Dry and crumble them in a blender to make bread crumbs. Bread crumbs can be used as stuffing and coating cutlets before frying. Line a greased cake tin with fine breadcrumbs before adding the cake mixture. The cooked cake will turn easily out of the tin, with a delicious crust around the edges. Bread pudding, adidas philippines sale French toast and bread come out great with day old bread. Short on boiled potatoes; add moistened bread slices to the mashed boiled potatoes, no one will know the difference. But perhaps the healthiest use of stale bread is Italian Panzella or Bread Salad. 4 5 slices of day old bread are moistened, cubed and tossed with 2 cubed tomatoes, 1 cubed cucumber, 5 10 shredded basil leaves, a few thin onion slices, 1 tbsp vinegar and 3 tbsp olive oil; add salt and pepper to taste. Optional additions include garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper, capsicum, olives and chopped celery. Chilled or served immediately, this makes a great summer salad.

Quirky yet practical uses of bread include cleaning wallpaper, suede and oil paintings. Roll the soft part of a slice of fresh bread into a ball and gently clean off grubby marks around the light switch on wallpaper or smudges on a suede purse or shoes. Dust oil paintings by gently rubbing the surface with a piece of white bread. Pick up tiny slivers of broken glass by pressing the bread over the area. Before using an unused blender, run a piece of bread through the blender to clear out any dust. Get rid of the burnt taste and odour of slightly burnt rice by placing a slice of white bread in the pot on top of the rice while still hot. Replace the lid and five minutes later remove the bread slice. Even the odour of cabbage when cooking can be minimised by placing a slice on the lid. When baking greasy foods place two or three slices of bread in the drip pan to absorb the grease and adidas philippines sale 2015 decrease the smoke; makes cleaning easier too. Thread a cube of bread on the handle of a knife before chopping onions to absorb some of the odour and to reduce the tearful experience to a certain extent.