The Rise of Technology in Hair Transplants

The standard technique for hair restoration since the 1980s is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or strip harvesting. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a strip of hair from the back or side of scalp and extracts what are known as follicular unit grafts (FUGS with one to four hairs).

The Experts advises to operate on patients beyond 25 years old, by this age experts can precisely distinguish what the inevitable example of male pattern baldness may be.

Prior to the age of 25, it tends to be hard to pass judgment on exactly how the hair will keep on retreatin


Any subsequent hairs loss in women is probably going to be only from untreated areas. Some patients elect to use medications to retard such loss, while others plan a subsequent transplant procedure to affect this eventu


This area of hair, especially in those affected by male pattern baldness, is named donor ปลูกผมถาวร dominant hair. Donor dominant hair has the power to grow wherever it is transplanted in any balding area. The newest and most successful transplantation method is termed follicular unit hair transplant

You shall be a good candidate for the HAIR TRANSPLANT if you are healthy, you have realistic expectations from the outcome of the surgery and you are aware of all the risks associated with the procedure.

You cannot consider undergoing cosmetic surgery if you have serious health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, bleeding disorders like haemophilia or depression.

You shall not be a good candidate for the HAIR TRANSPLANT if you smoke or drink too much alcohol.

Sparseness is most normally brought about by an affectability to dihydrotestosterone or DHT.DHT is a side-effect of testosterone, which is the reason guys are all the more promptly influenced by retreating hairline

Class 2. Hair loss near the temples.

Class 3. The preliminary stage of hair loss where treatment is necessary for recovery.

Class 4. Hair thinning and evident bald patches observed.

Class 5. Hair thinning of the crown are with initial stages of baldness.

Class 6. The top or crown area of the head is completely bald and hair thinning at the sides.

Class 7. The last stage of baldness with minimum hair seen on the scalp.

Hair transplantation is the only method that restores lost hair as well as a naturally youthful appearance…


Hair restoration or hair replacement is popularly known as hair transplant.

Alopecia, commonly referred to as hair fall, is an everyday concern that affects both men and women.

There can be various reasons for hair fall like stress, different diseases, undergoing medication or treatment and genetic factors.


But, before deciding to make plans for a hair transplant, one should have detailed information about the procedure. With the help of this information, one will be able to clearly understand whether he or she is the right candidate for the transplant procedure. After getting the full information about the process, the next thing which will cross the mind is whether one can afford to sign up for this se


If you find some positive reviews posted by previous happy clients on the website then it indicates that the service provider is offering the service of an experienced doctor on whom one can rely compl


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This will help to understand whether he is having knowledge about the latest techniques and whether he is able to give an idea about the various transplantation methods. So, choose the doctor wisely and get ready for a hair transplant process without wasting any more


The hair loss can be due to several reasons namely – hormonal, hereditary, stress and medical treatments etc. If someone is experiencing hair loss and this has eventually led to becoming bald, then he can opt for a hair transplant which will help him/her to restore the lost

 Another point in this segment is to massage your scalp for two weeks before your treatment. A minimum of 10 minutes per day can work wonders for your entire treatment. Massaging your hair will soften the head surface and also help to remove the dead skin. It will also get the blood flowing in that whole area.

Stereo-microscopes are used to dissect the strips into implantable individual follicular units. In contrast, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) involves direct removal of individual follicular units from the donor area through round and tiny incisions.


This recent advance in hair transplant surgery is way superior to the normal method. Smaller incisions and more precise positioning of the hair follicles make the hair thicker and stronger than old ones. The tissue is ready and trimmed under high powered microscopes, giving the surgeon the chance to put more grafts per square inch.

The highly trained and professional hairs restoration surgeon must carefully extract hair foll