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As I danced around on St. James Street in front of Canad Inns Stadium, shaking my tail and waving at cars without tripping over the beach ball sized shoes on my feet, I realized I was grinning from ear to ear.

It not something I ever thought I do. In fact, I don think it something the average person would ever get a chance to experience. To be honest, when my editor came to me with the idea of dressing up as one of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers famous mascots and writing about the experience, I was a little apprehensive; maybe even a little frightened.

Thankfully, I didn succumb. I danced, I posed for photos, and I walked around the stadium grounds and owned the fact that I was dressed up as Buzz, adidas philippines branches one half of the famous mascot duo of Buzz and Boomer.

And adidas philippines store yes, as you might have guessed, the costume smelled like a hockey dressing room. I could hardly see because my costumed head kept slipping down. Despite the fact my feet were suddenly the size of beach balls, I couldn believe what a rush I felt after I put the costume on.

You can be anyone you want when you put on a costume. I was no longer Dani Finch, journalist; I was Buzz, the bird with swagger.

A week earlier, I sat down with Bombers mascot co ordinator James Deighton, who played Boomer for 24 years. I asked him what kind of advice he had to offer a rookie like me.

“It so multidimensional, that the thing people don get. You get the ability to experience a lot more than people can even contemplate, especially if you a Bomber mascot,” he told me.

Buzz and Boomer were born in 1984. Deighton has been playing Boomer almost since the beginning.

“The experience ranges from just going to small events where you entertaining kids, to being able to perform at the Grey Cup. It amazing. At Bomber games you control the volume switch for 30,000 people. I think that why I lasted 24 years I haven had a boring moment doing it,” he said.

While I didn entertain 30,000 people (in fact, I don think I could), I definitely earned a few honks from passersby.

It certainly wasn boring. It was difficult, though. Even though Deighton had warned me the job isn as easy as it looks, before he had, I was under the impression it would be a piece of cake.

Then he told me a story that set me straight. He told me about his first mascot experience, back in 1988. He was tricked into covering for an injured Buzz during a game by a friend. Like me, he thought it would be easy.

“I was terrible. You learn right away that you got to be able to entertain, and unless you done it before or are a natural at it, it takes time to learn,” he said.

In addition to playing Boomer, Deighton also recruits and trains new mascots.

His advice to newbies like me?

Drink lots of water. As you might imagine, it gets pretty hot in the costume. On game days mascots can lose anywhere between five and eight pounds of water.

Wear a bandana. It helped. It kept the sweat out of my eyes, and the helmet from rubbing up against my forehead every time it slipped down.

Take instruction well. This one, I not sure I succeeded at, but not for lack of trying. I had a hard time remembering I wasn allowed to talk.

Keep in mind you representing the Blue Bombers. People will always notice poor behavior. For the record, I was on my best behavior.

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to work with Mark Dolphin, one of the people who usually dress up as Buzz. He joined me on what I called my mascot adventure and was happy to offer me some on the job advice.

“Act like a dude. Buzz is a ladies man. Exaggerate everything. Quit bouncing, you not a Muppet, you got to have swagger. Be cool.”

So much to think about when all you really worried about it not falling on your face.

Dolphin has played Buzz for two years, adidas philippines sale but started out as a mascot for the University of Winnipeg. He also plays Mick E. Moose at Winnipeg Jets home games, and it obvious by his enthusiasm he loves his job.

“You feed off people energy and it all about the kids. You could have a horrible day and have a little kid that shouts out the character you doing and you see the smile on their face and your troubles just disappear. It great,” he said.

So how did he feel about a rookie stepping into his oversized shoes?

“I think it great. Anytime we get an opportunity to give exposure to what we do and give another person an opportunity to be the character is awesome. You pulled it off, and you did a really good job,” he told me.

McEnroe’s ‘ghost’ stalks museum

LONDON A ghostly John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova’s pulsing heart are two of the more eye catching sights at the new Wimbledon tennis museum which opened yesterday.

The All England Club, readying itself for the grasscourt grand slam which starts on June 26, unveiled the revamped facility which contains startling technological innovations belying Wimbledon’s stuffy image.

Three times singles champion McEnroe famously ruffled the feathers of the Wimbledon establishment with his on court tantrums in the late 1970s.

Now the 47 year old American has a special place at the All England Club as a museum exhibit. McEnroe reminisces about his Wimbledon experiences in a recreated 1980s Gentlemen’s Dressing Room as a life size apparition using a projection technique called ‘Pepper’s Ghost’.

The McEnroe phantom competes for adidas maniaadidas outlet attention with a 200 degree 3 D cinema room that takes the viewer right inside the heart and mind of 2004 women’s champion Sharapova.

Footage from the Russian’s first round victory over Spaniard Nuria Llagostera Vives on Centre Court last year is interspersed with Hollywood style production techniques that allow the viewer to witness the effect of the game on the player’s heart, racket, the ball and adidas supercolor even her shoes.

A pair of the pirate pants worn by Spanish world number two Rafael Nadal hang alongside the more conventional kits of Sharapova, three times men’s champion Roger Federer and three times women’s champion Venus Williams.

The shirt and shorts of new number one Andy Murray are also on display. Perhaps in a sign of changing times, fans of four times Wimbledon semi finalist Tim Henman, now ranked a lowly 63, adidas zx flux will find only a racket from his 2002 campaign.

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The 2009 National Team will compete in several exhibition games in the Triangle-area of North Carolina, live poker strategy including an agreeable series on the Canadian National Team, June 25-29, that can be played across both the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and united states Baseball ntc33 Complex. Following its domestic exhibition schedule, the U.S. will travel to Japan to compete in the 37th Annual Japan as. USA Collegiate Championships before closing out its summer in Canada at the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline World Baseball Challenge in Prince George, British Mexico.

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Fort Irwin also its movie theatre, showing movies a month behind the times at discount prices (used to be 3 bucks a ticket). And, somewhat impressive to find a town of its size, they actually have really radio station: KNTC – The Warm up. I have fond memories of working at KNTC the actual summer months, although I would like to admit I rarely believed it.

To ensure duplication, you might need a system or processes that anybody and everybody can follow and poker live zasady teach. Can not duplicate someone but it is duplicate a process.

Dallas Cowboys sign LB Justin Durant to one

Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Justin Durant (52) tackles Arizona Cardinals running back Rashard Mendenhall (28) during the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, adidas neo in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) less

Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Justin Durant (52) tackles Arizona Cardinals running back Rashard Mendenhall (28) during the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, in Glendale, . more

KANSAS CITY, MO SEPTEMBER 15: Defenders Justin Durant 52 and Nick Hayden 96 of the Dallas Cowboys tackle running back Jamaal Charles 25 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the first half on September 15, 2013 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. less

KANSAS CITY, MO SEPTEMBER 15: adidas superstar Defenders Justin Durant 52 and Nick Hayden 96 of the Dallas Cowboys tackle running back Jamaal Charles 25 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the first half on September 15, 2013 . more

Photo: Peter Aiken, Getty Images

He spent last season, his ninth overall, with the Atlanta Falcons, adidas superstar finishing as the team’s second leading tackler (82 in 13 games).

The Cowboys hope Durant can fill the current void at linebacker. McClain’s second substance abuse policy suspension came as an unexpected blow and second round pick Jaylen Smith is expected to miss the entire season while recovering from a torn right ACL and LCL.

Durant’s versatility and familiarity with the team appealed to president and general manager Jerry Jones.

Anthony Hitchens is currently projected as the starting middle linebacker in McClain’s absence. He’ll likely be flanked by on the weakside by Sean Lee, who was named to the Pro Bowl in 2015, adidas sk and on the strongside by Kyle Wilber.

Of the Cowboys’ remaining linebackers, only Durant and Andrew Gachkar have any substantial NFL experience, leaving the team in a tenuous situation until McClain returns.

Despite his propensity for finding trouble, Jones hasn’t completely given up on the troubled linebacker just yet.

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Valiant Larkham soldiers on

Todd Larkham’s Andy Warhol experience lasted fully 73 minutes last January, its only artistic link the presence of former Manhattan gallery owner John McEnroe in the courtside commentary box. In his 73 minutes of fame, Larkham made his Rod Laver Arena debut, was flogged by Lleyton Hewitt and adidas botasky ridiculed by McEnroe, who was then challenged to a carpark rumble by Larkham’s outraged brother and coach, Brent.

If that was the younger Larkham’s treasured but still rather deflating welcome to the Australian Open big time he had suffered cramps, an asthma attack and near exhaustion after a first round marathon that had left him hooked up to an intravenous drip then the saga also earned the mature aged qualifier from Canberra some new admirers. Just not quite the way he had planned.

“Definitely a lot of people know who I am now; hopefully everyone forgets the score (6 1, 6 0, 6 1) and they just remember seeing me in the second round of the Australian Open,” a smiling Larkham said this week. “Hopefully!

“I’ve had a lot of support from that. A couple of kids wrote me letters from around Australia, which was just phenomenal, saying how courageous they thought I was, that I didn’t retire in the match, and adidas obuv dámska I kept fighting to the end, so that was really nice. I’m not worried about the match. It was just a great experience to be out there.”

But not, clearly, for McEnroe, who labelled some of Larkham’s returning efforts “pitiful” and questioned whether the all Australian affair had been deserving of its centre court status. The upside is that at least the furore did not sour what, when it finishes later this month, will have been one of Larkham’s best years.

He qualified the hard way for three of the four grand slams (including the French Open for the first time), but was injured for the US Open. He ended a string of Challenger final defeats with a victory in the Netherlands, and achieved a career best ranking in the 130s. At 29, while his health has allowed it, Larkham has played some of the best tennis of his injury riddled decade on the tour.

“It’s been really the story of my career: every time in the last seven or eight years that I’ve got in a position where I might be able to make the jump from 200 to 100 to top 100, my body’s broken down,” he said. “If your ranking’s improving it means you’ve played a lot of matches and my body just hasn’t stood up to the rigours of the tour.”

A second main draw Wimbledon experience, then, was one to savour, partly for the famed camaraderie of the Australian corner of the locker room. For Larkham, some rose smelling is inevitable when you know that the first six months of next year may be your last on the tour, and history has meted out grand slam opportunities at the average of barely one each year.

Even with three this season, annual prizemoney of about $100,000 makes breaking even a challenge. In the continuing absence of sponsors, Larkham buys his own tennis clothes, shoes and racquets, and is thankful for the family coaching rates offered by Brent.

Larkham’s frustration is that, when fit, he believes he can compete with most players outside the top 20. If he had his time over, he would invest earlier in a coach, and professional fitness advice like that recently supplied by trainer Mark Waters.

“It’s always been a physical battle, and it continues to be, so I’ll give myself another six months,” he said. “If my body doesn’t hold up, I’ll probably quit.” Perhaps to run his parents’ tennis centre in Canberra; maybe to study.

His focus for now is at least one more Australian summer, and a return to the qualifying grind in January. Meanwhile, the world No. 161 is playing the Uncle Toby’s Futures events at Beaumaris and Frankston this week and next.

In November, there are few options: just the indoor Challenger circuit in Europe, or these Futures on humble bayside en tout cas, 20 minutes from Larkham’s St Kilda home, but a tennis world away from the events on Rod Laver Arena last January.

“The hardest thing is to get motivated to actually play them,” he admitted. “I mean, if I win (Beaumaris), I get 18 points and about $2500 so it’s just difficult to really get up to put the effort in to win them, because you know if you do it’s not going to do virtually anything for your career. I don’t want to play them and I’ve won them virtually every year; it’s just to get some matches and start again next year, really.”

The new year goal, as ever, is to qualify for the Australian Open for a sixth time, where McEnroe will be returning in a commentary role. The pair have not spoken, and probably never will.

“It’s pretty dead and buried to be honest. I’ve kind of said what I wanted to say about it,” Larkham said. “He knows how I feel about it; I know how he feels about it, and that’s the end of it . . . But he’s not on my Christmas card list, that’s for sure.”

HP installs jammers in exam halls to check cheating

In a move to check cheating in examinations through mobile phones, the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (HPPSC) has installed in examination halls to insulate them from any outside contact. Tomar said, adidas obuv dámska adding the jammers were purchased through the HP State Electronics Development Corporation.

The move was initiated after 34 candidates were caught using mobile phones during the written test of the Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2013, adidas obuv lacno and investigations were handed over to the police, Mr. Tomar said.

The chairman convened a meeting on January 1, 2014, and decided to introduce mobile jammers on an experimental basis to check their frequency, range and adidas obuv velkosti viability.

Resultantly, the commission installed mobile jammers in the examination halls on the premises on an experimental basis for the examination of the Special Class Railway Apprentices held on Sunday, Mr. Tomar said.

The Commission has also taken up the matter with the State government to purchase mobile jammers in order to eliminate cheating through high tech means during examinations for which the government has agreed in principle, he said.

The commission has decided to purchase mobile jammers before the forthcoming HP Administrative Service (Main) Examination.

Double whammy for adidas philippines instagram Kanpur leather industry

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Setback for Kejriwal as MHA returns 14 pending bills of AAP govtHarmanpreet Kaur becomes first Indian to play in Women’s Big Bash LeagueJammu and Kashmir: 7 terrorists killed in 3 separate encountersNajeeb Jung writes to MHA against AAP’s vendetta politicsPM Narendra Modi outlines his vision for adidas philippines facebook India’s engagement with SCO membersMore than 150 cell phones recovered from pickpocket

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India goes all out to woo NSG doubtersInternational Yoga Day: adidas philippines store Embrace yoga for better life, PM Modi saysHighlights of PM Modi’s address at International Yoga Day celebration in Chandigarh

Knicks show that meshing talent will take time

NEW YORK Let try to remember one thing from hereon out, as we contemplate what happens next during this Double Asterisk Season: The only function of NBA prognostication, from this point forward in The Year of Our Lin 2012, is to make things such as astrology and political punditry seem sensible.

Maybe you were on the Knicks bandwagon, the one piled high with beads and party balloons and adult beverages and revved up to chug down Broadway again.

We not here to tell you to jump off. We just saying that for all the inherent gifts contained in their 15 bodies, you can fast track this process, you can will this to happen overnight just by showing up at MSG with your smile welded in place and your eyes aglitter with the moment.

Yes, man for man, they may be the most talented team in the Eastern Conference north of Dade County, but knitting together each skill set isn going to happen on the fly, and it isn going to happen fast enough to satisfy the wingnut who has already booked a $3,000 front row seat on this juddering party float.

And make no mistake, they had played a marvelous game Sunday one with balance and energy and poise and execution and they deserved our praise long after the buzzer for the way they sent the Mavs limping off into the sunset.

But now the Knicks have lost twice in the last four days to two teams with combined records of 15 47 defeating the reigning world champs in between, which only proves how inane this season has become and it forces you to wonder, are we supposed to be so giddy about exactly? answer is easy, last night 100 92 humiliation at the hands of the Nets notwithstanding: Talent ultimately wins. They have a point guard growing on the job faster than anyone has ever seen. They have a better defense than anyone expected. They have star power all over the joint. And now they have enviable depth.

What they lacked in Game 33 was the collective intelligence required to nail it down early, leaving far too much time for adidas philippines instagram Deron Williams to remind everyone in the building that he still the best player in this market which has always been the case and his 38 points was the ultimate gag for 19,763 delusional mouth breathers.

The timing worked in the Nets favor, of course. That seems counter intuitive, adidas originals given this was their third game in three nights, but they jumped all over the Knicks training camp on the fly, exploited their glaring lack of chemistry, and suckered them into a very lazy night on offense.

Most Gothamites are going to blame this on the return of Carmelo Anthony, because this is what they do point the finger at the 4 for 11, six turnover guy. Help yourself. But the fact is, he tried to do the right thing early in the game even with icicles hanging from his jumper and it was early in the game when all of them let this W jump across the river.

Lin saw it very clearly: identity as a team is going to change with the personnel, the kid said. what we need to find out what our identity is going to be. We not in panic mode. It not like people show up and you automatically get great chemistry. As long as we all committed and buying in we be just fine. Clueless, strangers, in fact: They build a double digit lead before they played five minutes in this one, taking the lane at will against the fourth worst paint defense in the league, before deciding to change the game to H O R S E.

Result: They got what they deserved, engaging this Nets team in a risky competition of the only thing it actually does well shoot the 3.

The Nets hit 14 of them in the first three quarters.

And along the way, Melo couldn find a rhythm, Davis looked like a guy who hasn played since April, Smith went back to his pop a shot mentality, and nobody guarded the arc.

Lin? He was just fine, but this is career game No. 47, so there always a new lesson. This one included his first floor burn, his first DQ, and adidas philippines office address his first public undressing, courtesy of D Will, who drained eight homers for 38 points.

This is the way the season is likely to go. Previous success by no means guarantee another. Put it this way: When these two teams last met which was Lin coming out party, 16 nights earlier the 8 16 Nets were a one half game behind the 8 15 Knicks. So if D Will dismissed the prodigy before he could take those first NBA baby steps, adidas philippines facebook we have probably been home tonight watching a DVR of “Downton Abbey.”

But now the Nets are 6 games behind the Knicks, and to say they going in similar directions is like trying to jump off the southbound platform to catch the uptown D.

Is there time? Some coaches may say yes, most would just shake their heads and curse the calendar. We only know that it the one issue hanging over any team with a locker room packed with strangers, and the Knicks might be the most time challenged of them all.

Talkbacks Palestinians get 1st private equity fund

we as the great Lebanese journalist Talal Salman said that Palestinians are the middle east jewel and this is of some what he said ,At the request of many of our brothers and sisters re publication of this article from the Palestinians in Lebanon, so lifted up their heads high!

Many of you do not imagine the size of the role played by the Palestinians still play even today in Lebanon’s economy, albeit very Neither the Palestinian nor by the blackout in Lebanon that was wrong and it is a scandal witnesses and was effected Vtktm not declared on the matter.

Is this the truth you know that the Palestinians of Lebanon in the UAE are turning a year to Lebanon, according to the Khaleej $ 368 million, did you know that the graduates of American University in Lebanon, Palestinians, either equals or more, for the Lebanese.

Before that era, and even in the thirties of the twentieth century, Lebanon was just a collection of villages scattered in the mountain air is characterized by healthy and appropriate for holidaymakers Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis, but the fall of Palestine in 1948, the refugees carry with them to Lebanon at one time about 15 million pounds sterling, alent to more than 15 billion dollars at today.

It was for the closure of the port of Haifa and Lod Airport is very important in significant trade diversion in the eastern Mediterranean to the port of Beirut and in the establishment of Beirut’s international airport after the airport was well good just a station to receive a modest small aircraft.

In this con, the work in Lebanon, many Palestinians who have been as far as the prosperity of Lebanon such as:

Yousef Beidas (founder of Intra Bank and the Casino of Lebanon and the Middle East Airlines and the studio of Baalbek).

Hasib Sabbagh and Said Khoury (founder of Consolidated Contractors Co.).

Rose Tiger (Federal Arab Bank and Bank of Beirut for trade and First International Bank).

Faris, adidas philippines instagram on behalf of the Badr Fahoum (Arab Company for Insurance).

And Raymond return (Bank of return).

T. Gargour (power of attorney Mercedes Lecico and other large commercial projects).

The first company to distribute newspapers and publications in Lebanon is a company founded by a Palestinian (Farag Allah).

The first chain of trade in garments are (shops Atallah Freij) Palestinian.

And the first founded a company to audit the accounts in Lebanon, Fuad Saba Karim Khoury and his partner, military sources said.

And the first to create a furnished apartment buildings in Lebanon are an individual and Sebti Theophile Botahi two Palestinians, as well as the AM Qattan, Mahmoud Pistachio and many others.

Is best known, at the very beginning after the catastrophe, some Palestinian families who would have had a senior in the development of orchards south, such as Al Ataya.

He was also a labor presence in the Palestinian factor algebra and Ghandour and Eseili, Yemen, and from the university professors Palestinians Nicola increase Burhan Dajani, Nabih Amin Faris, Salah al Dabbagh, Nabil Dajani, Yousef Makdisi, Cub and Jane, Rita and Victor Sahab Awad and left substantial Arnitp and Raja Tannous, Samir Seikaly and adidas supercolor Mahmoud Zayed, Issam, adidas philippines office address Issam Mayassi Ashour, Tarif Khalidi.

Appeared in the press and a galaxy of Palestinians in Lebanon would have had the impact like: Ghassan Kanafani, and Nabil Khoury, Naif Shiblak and Tawfiq Sayegh and Kanaan Obokhaddra, Jihad Al Khazen, Najib Azzam and despair Nawas, Samir Sanbar, despair and hopelessness Sanbar Sahab, and Mohammed Khazen Abboud dascetical Jarallah. The first to arrive at the South Pole expedition and raise the Lebanese flag there is a Palestinian refugee to Lebanon George Doumani.

all of this is the tip of the iceberg

claiming that lebanon was just “Lebanon was just a collection of villages scattered in the mountain in the 30s” is extremely inacurate

knowing that Beirut at that time was the Capital of both Syria and Lebanon,

Lebanon had the only 2 universities that were in the levant with a student body that included Jews, Syrians, Egyptians.

The oldest Chamber of commerce in the region is in lebanon (130 years old)

also a lot of fake info about major lebanese companies some them like:

MEA was founded in 1945 not by Palestinians but by Saeb Salam Lebanese ex prime minister

Audi Bank was not founded by palestinians but it was in operation since 1830

What palestinians brought to Lebanon is a 15 year civil war that they started by attempting to kill a christian leader. the distruction lebanon sustained because of that is far more superior that any palestinian contribution to the country

the very cause of Naqba: adidas philippines branches As soon as they knew about UN resolution 181 partitioning Palestine into 2 states, the arab elites packed their belongings and families and took a ride to Cairo and Beirut. Sheltering their savings, they abandoned their lower class brethren without any leadership. This mass of poor, ill educated peasants, day laborers, servants, had no motivation to fight on behalf of their absent landlords and adidas philippines office address exploiters, and left without leaders, saw no other alternative than fleeing the battle areas, and were even encouraged to move while expecting the victory of 6 heroic arab armies. Bad luck, the latter were defeated, so the little guys became refugees, as their bosses made a fortune in Lebanon.