Tepid Baths doors to open again

Two years and $15.8 million in refurbishment later, Auckland iconic Tepid Baths will open to the public on Saturday June 23.

The category A heritage building was closed in early 2010, the walls of the pool were crumbling away and the facility, which first opened its doors in 1914, had become dangerous.

The restoration process undertaken by Jasmax was hugely ambitious particularly as Auckland Council, the Baths owner since 1996, needed the project fast tracked, adidas philippines instagram but the budget kept tight. Jeremy Bennett, one of the Jasmax project architects on the job says it was one of the more challenging tasks he been set.

“Pools are complex by their nature, but with it being a category A building so much had to be protected. We had fortnightly meetings for two years to ensure it was all done properly, and every element was debated,” he says.

The sign on the front still includes the words Salt Water Pools, although the pools stopped using salt water in 1974. These days it liquid chlorine keeping it clean, with CO2 for pH adjustment and sodium bicarbonate for alkalinity.

The filtration system is state of the art, with the larger pool changed out fully every three hours. Previous pool users might notice that pool changed position slightly too it been moved along and shortened from the original 33m, to create room for changing rooms at the far end.

Right from the moment you step in the door, the facility heritage is on show from the old rusty metal pool struts in a display case, to the curved reception desks which are a hark back to 1914 when they were also curved. Outside there an artwork on the frontage that features rusty trusses from the old pool. Mr Bennett describes the artwork as “celebrating the rust”.”We wanted it to be eye catching. it has a shipyard feel to it,” he says. The neon sign put up in the 1950s has also been restored, and lights up the 9m chimney stack.

The panelling on the ceiling in the reception area replicates the 1914 original, and the poolside cabana (changing room) doors look old fashioned but modern inside. Four of those cabanas are larger family sized ones, where you can get all the kids changed together. You half expect someone from the 1920s to pop out from behind in their bathing cap and square shaped swimsuit.

Workers scraped back the paint on the walls and doors to discover what lay beneath in the original incarnation and have replicated that wherever possible. However gone is the red concourse that been replaced with a much subtler shade of grey.

The signs for adidas stan smith the Tepid Baths are written in what now being described as the Tepid Bath font. It came from signs created in a promotion in the 1940s but which council decided looked good and wanted to keep. Mr Bennett recreated the font and the results are seen in the handcut signs around the facility.

In days gone by women had to traipse poolside to the communal changing rooms at the back, bringing in the dirt from their outdoor adidas shoes philippines with them. The women changing rooms, in stark black and white tiles, are at the front with the men A wonderful old picture on the wall reflects a time when ladies didn really come to swim, they came to bathe and loll.


The ladies and learners pool is 15m, and .8m at the shallow end, 1.2m at the deep end. Above the learners pool are baskets of real looking flowers (they not) hanging down like they did in the 1910s and 20s.

The main pool is 25m, 8m shorter than the original but in keeping with metrics. It also one lane wider than before, with seven lanes. The pool is 1.1m at the shallow end and 2.1m at the deep end.

Tucked away under the wooden seats around the pool are the pool covers, which are brought out at night to maintain the pool temperature and ensure good power savings.

There are four filters keeping the pools clean the water in the smaller pool is effectively replaced every 1.5 hours, the larger every three hours, with state of the art filters. The spa has a full water turnover every 30 minutes.

Above the pools the high skylight brings in natural light. Gone are the rusty steel beams and roof that had been patched up over the years, but had deteriorated so dramatically as to be a safety issue.

“The space used to feel quite oppressive,” explains Mr Bennett. “But the high roofs and the skylight stop that and in summer you can also let in fresh air as well.”

Council had advice that people often didn realise what lay beneath the walls when they walked past the building on Customs Street. Now there is no doubt the public can see in, through large panes of glass.

“We yet to see how people will feel about being seen in their swimming costumes though,” Mr Bennett laughs.

The work done on the main pool was a massive task in itself.

“The whole pool had to be reconstructed because the beach sand walls had basically fallen apart from the salt water,” Mr Bennett explains. “Getting underground was hardest.”

Along the way they found a few strange bits and pieces, including a plaster head whose origins they still unsure about.

“There was rumours it might be something to do with the city morgue that was built across the road about ten years before,” says Anita Coy Macken, principal policy analyst from Auckland Council. “But people could be having us on, we still don really know.”


In its heyday the Tepid Baths attracted around 250,000 people a year, but ahead of its closure that was down to 195,000.

finally getting honest

Up until recently I been reading your columns and your advice seems clear and to the point. I am in a serious bind. My wife of five years began a relationship with someone from her past. I discovered the relationship and through many other lies told she confessed to it and stated it was best if we got divorced.

Now, adidas obuv lacno to give you a brief overview of our marriage, it was mediocre at best. Sex wasn the issue; she complained about my lack of as she called it, and I never really responded past her cries for attention. Fast forward to today, we still live together (we both have nowhere to go), we have casual sex, speak more openly about ourselves and our past relationships and adidas obuv dámska future relationships. In other words our relationship has developed into something better than our five year marriage; we hold no secrets. She confesses, I confess and we love it. My problem is I have a mall intent on ruining her current new long distance relationship with her boyfriend.

Now that you are being honest, the relationship is working. Keep being honest. Look at her and tell her the deepest things you are feeling. Hold nothing back. Tell her of the pain you felt in childhood. Tell her of your loneliness. Tell her how you feel when she goes off with this other man. Tell her about your mother. Tell her about your father. Tell her how you feel that you are alone in the world. Tell her that she is like a tiny bird you want to cherish but fear you could crush. Tell her you are sorry you have not been the man she wanted. Tell her you will never be the man she wanted, that you will always be only the man you are. Tell her the man you are is the man you are. Tell her she can flay your skin with a razor and poke hot knives in you and still you will be just the man you are. Tell her this is how you were born. Tell her that you and she are two spirits collided and this is an ancient drama. Tell her you want to just look into her eyes and watch the sunset there. Tell her to take off her blouse. Tell her to sit with you and just look at her that way. Tell her tomorrow you are leaving. Tell her you don know where you are going but you have to leave. Tell her this didn work out, that it can work out, that neither of you is ready for marriage but you are ready for sex.

Tell her you hate thinking about this other man she is seeing. Tell her to go to hell. Tell her you sorry you told her to go to hell, you were just angry and overcome with emotion. Tell her you hate her. Tell her you sorry you told her you hate her, you were just overcome with emotion and are obviously too emotionally immature to actually be married. Tell her you are crying because it hurts so much. Ask her to get you a hot washcloth. Wipe your face with a hot washcloth. Sit with her. Ask her if she really loves you or is just using you. Ask her if this thing with this other man is just a sex thing. Ask her if she knows who you really are. Ask her if she is curious about you as a person. Pack your suitcase. Put your shoes in the suitcase wrapped in plastic bags. If she tries to help you pack, tell her no, you have to do this. Go to the house of a friend. Tell your friend you will stay just one week on the couch, no longer. Conclude the arrangements on your former abode. Get off the lease if there is a lease. Find a roommate situation. Find a yoga class. Begin doing yoga every week. Have a medical checkup. Go over your insurance. Figure out your income and expenses. Live quietly and frugally for a year. Try Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. Look into some kind of low cost community psychotherapy or counseling. Read Victor Frankl. If you have not completed your four year degree, go to a local college and inquire about completing your degree. If you date, date slowly. Do not have sex at first. If you see a woman you like, speak to her quietly and politely. Do not maneuver her. If you require a divorce, consult a lawyer. Do your divorce in the most inexpensive way possible. Tell your parents that you are OK, that it was just one of those things. If you have brothers and sisters, call them frequently. Learn to cook for yourself. Do yoga every week. Learn to sit quietly with a book. Have sex with women but do not get married. Make it clear to women you have sex with that you have boundaries and you have baggage. Keep your private life private. If your wife needs to communicate with you on occasion, communicate with her but do not have sex with your ex wife. Do not inquire who she is having sex with. Read about boundaries. Balance your hormones. Spend time on the beach. Have good regular habits. Live this way. Live this way as long as you can.

‘My name is Harriet and I’m addicted to shoes’

This time last year, I signed a contract to write a book about footwear, the fantasies and fanaticism that it excites, adidas originals the fetishes, the fastidiousness, the fashionable flamboyance.

Twelve hours later, I broke my leg in three places falling off a pair of platform ankle boots and adidas originals had to be stretchered out of a bar in Soho.

In recent years, shoes have become a sort of celebration of being human. Even the most ascetic of shoppers can succumb to a brightly coloured pair of trainers or a high heel; even those who profess to have no interest in fashion or trend cycles end up a part of the process from sneakerheads to goths to sports fans and even sparkly princesses.

The book I wrote, embarked upon while I was in plaster from hip to toe, is called Cult Shoes, an attempt to codify and encompass the breadth of interest and aesthetic that footwear obsessions can take in. It isn’t simply about tottering stilettos or galumphing wedges: it’s about any form of footwear that has created a following for itself, be it a Birkenstock or a Manolo Blahnik. It’s also about those who have entered the footwear hall of fame, figures such as Gabrielle Chanel, Carrie Bradshaw and Imelda Marcos.

Paradoxically, the humble shoe is at once one of fashion’s most accessible and most exclusive offshoots. We all wear shoes; we all need them. But as far as everyday items go, they are some of the most highly constructed, the most highly designed and, arguably, the most complex.

The labour that goes into the production of a pair of shoes is a vocation unto itself, an artisanal heritage that abides even now in some of the loftier labels. The triumvirate of Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin is emblematic of the skill and adidas philippines branches craftsmanship the discipline demands: despite the introduction of mass production and mass marketing, the footwear greats remain those who work in this traditional and individualistic vein. These venerated shoemakers are the architects of the fashion world, working against gravity and heft, often against reality itself.

But footwear flights of fantasy are nothing new: in 2011, the British Museum exhibited a first century slipper with a solid gold sole as part of its show Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World. Treating the feet as ornaments is one of the most ancient and most emphatic ways of proving status: the more money one lavishes on one’s feet, the more obvious it is that those feet are not expected to walk very far.

Not much has changed, I realised, sofa bound and surrounded by imagery of some of the world’s most beautiful shoes. But the latterday psychology around shoes is an interesting one. Shoes are somehow not deemed to be fashion “proper”, and so feel more accessible to more people. In straitened times, there is a versatility to footwear, and a durability, that means we are content to spend more than we would perhaps on any other item of clothing, bar our winter coat. For that reason, sales of accessories (a label which encompasses both shoes and handbags) have seen less of a slide than those in clothing, and footwear remains an important “entry level” purchase for many high end brands.

Then there’s the happy fact that no matter what fluctuations in weight we endure, chances are, our shoes will always fit us. Even people who hate shopping don’t seem to mind shoe shopping.

They are also a means of expression not deemed too showy; our inner Lutheran may eschew clothing that is garish or ostentatiously high end, but we’re much less puritanical about what we wear on our feet. Any woman can wear a pair of ruby slippers, but it’s a rare one who’d feel as comfortable in a gown of the same shade. Shoes have become a form of jewellery a coda to an outfit, a bit of sparkle, some bling. Whether designer or high street, they’re a frippery that isn’t frowned upon.

It speaks volumes of our own evolution, of course, that footwear no longer needs to be functional. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but part of the fetishisation of footwear in the modern era (and even earlier) has been born of designers whose imaginations have been freed from the workaday necessaries of creating something that people can actually get around in. The phrase “taxi to table” has become common parlance when discussing certain examples of vertiginous heels it’s a description I used in 2008, when writing an article about the latest collection from Louboutin, the average height of which was 14cm (5 inches) and which contained only one model of flat shoe.

That was also the season that Yves Saint Laurent’s Stefano Pilati introduced his Tribute shoe, a concealed platform court with an unforgivingly spiky thin heel 10cm high that entered the commercial canon of must haves almost immediately. I have worn my own pair about five times clearly, I don’t take enough taxis to manage in them. The summer beforehand, however, I bought a pair of pink and gold Mary Jane Miu Mius, decorated with golden curlicues and hand painted flowers so as to look as much like a vintage teapot as possible, and I still wear them now. They’re one of the comfiest oddities I’ve ever invested in.

Writing about shoes and all the attendant glamour they can bring to someone’s life while I was encased in plaster and unable to walk was difficult in itself. I became acutely aware of how much a pair of shoes can change your physical appearance and the way you project yourself. There’s the obvious way that heels make you walk “Just like Jell O on springs,” Jack Lemmon famously says in Some Like it Hot and the way they lengthen calfs, push out the bum and bust and encourage you to drop your shoulders.

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude,” Louboutin once said. “They lift you physically and emotionally.” And for a shoe addict such as myself, there was nothing like walking on crutches wearing one ratty old trainer to make me feel decidedly uncomfortable in my own skin. In fact, I spent most of my recovery time asking my physiotherapist when I’d be allowed to wear heels again: we took as our road map the six weeks or so from my restarting to bear weight on my left leg until I had to brave the fray at Fashion Week once again. “I’ve got to be in heels by then,” I’d say, even as she pursed her lips and peered doubtfully at my Frankenstein scars and bloated foot. “I can’t go to the shows in flat shoes or on crutches. Though I am willing to try heels with crutches, if that is a good compromise.” She looked horrified.

You’ve heard the phrase about walking in someone else’s shoes it’s absolutely the case: there’s nothing so alienating or confusing than feeling like you’re walking about in the wrong pair. I hadn’t worn a pair of trainers for almost 10 years before I had that accident; now I own three pairs and fine, adidas philippines careers one has a wedge heel but it’s still a sportier aesthetic than I’m used to.

Learning to walk again and writing Cult Shoes have become intrinsically linked in my mind. I still don’t quite understand the power a good pair of shoes can have over someone be it the wearer or the spectator but it’s something pretty strong if even someone on crutches can feel it. I became almost obsessed with getting back into my ordinary shoes, as if that would finally mean I was myself again. And I am just about, save the odd semi wobble if I turn around too quickly (my balance isn’t quite as good as it was) and the fact that my friends all look at me as if I’m a grenade about to go off if I go out wearing anything over four inches. Which I do. Frequently.

Once you join the cult, it’s very difficult to leave, you see.

‘Cult Shoes: Classic and Contemporary Designs’ by Harriet Walker is published by Merrell, priced 29.95

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Lenovo to launch chocolate printer

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Defendants found guilty on all charges

Manage your account settings.My AccountLog OutThe rape happened in a span of 30 minutes. The case has been pending 19 months. The trial took 12 days. The jury deliberations took just a little more than 3 hours. Tuesday, former Vanderbilt University football players Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey were found guilty in the rape of an unconscious woman in a dorm on June 23, 2013. The announcement took less than four minutes.Batey, whose 21st birthday was Tuesday, adidas philippines sale did not visibly react. But his family members his mother and uncles and cousins, who filled two rows of court benches broke into sobs.Vandenburg, 21, shook his head after the foreman read: “Count 1, we find Mr. Vandenburg guilty of aggravated rape.” His father, Rob Vandenburg, adidas philippines instagram yelled out into the courtroom, later wiping his eyes with a scarf. “That is terrible,” he said. His grief nearly muted the foreman, who continued reading verdicts. All were guilty.One juror appeared to have tears in her eyes. As the verdict was read, the victim who does not remember the rape held her mother’s hand and held back tears.In a statement, the victim who sat through every day of the trial thanked prosecutors, detectives and victims advocates.”You are my heroes and I am so proud of and grateful for each of you,” the statement read.USA TODAYVanderbilt rape trial defendant testifies he doesn remember incident”I am also hopeful that the publicity this case has received will lead to a discussion of how we can end sexual violence on college campuses. Finally, I want to remind other victims of sexual violence: You are not alone. You are not to blame.”The trial has occurred amid national attention on issues of sexual assault on college campuses, and adidas philippines branches scrutiny of how colleges react to reports.Penn State University football coach James Franklin, who was the football coach at Vanderbilt during the time of the rape, did not reply to requests for comment.District Attorney Glenn Funk said he hopes the case spurs change and sends a message that his adidas philippines office address will prosecute cases of sexual violence.”This case gives our entire community an opportunity to talk to each other and to our children, especially to our boys, about the way we treat women, both with our actions and with our words,” he said. “No one deserves to be violated. Further, if you see someone who is being sexually assaulted, the right thing to do is to report it and try and get the person some help.”In trial, jurors watched videos and adidas philippines office address saw photos of the rape that detectives recovered from Vandenburg’s, Batey’s and Brandon E. Bank’s phones. Banks and Jaborian “Tip” McKenzie, both 20, also are accused in the case. They are awaiting trial.Within two minutes Batey began sexually assaulting the woman with his fingers. One of the men stuck a water bottle in the woman’s anus. Vandenburg cheered his teammates on: “Squeeze that s, Squeeze that s.”

Dance Wear

Proper dance wear and high quality dance shoes are necessary tools for serious dancers. Dance attire can make a huge impact on the quality of a dance performance. Dancers need to wear clothing that is form fitting and stretchy. This allows them to perform various types of movement without worrying about clothing getting in the way. Tight clothing is also necessary so that spectators can see the beautiful lines that are created by the bodies of dancers.

Baggy dance wear is only acceptable in certain circumstances. It can be worn while dancers are warming up as a way to keep muscles warm and to prevent injuries from occurring. Most dance instructors will encourage dancers to take off baggy clothing once bodies are warm in class. The only dance style that encourages the wearing of baggy clothing is hip hop.

There are many different styles of dance wear to choose from, depending on the style of dance that you are performing. Leotards and tights are common dance apparel items for various styles of dance, especially for ballet. Most ballet classes require that students wear black leotards and pink tights for every class. Dance styles such as jazz, tap, and modern are more lenient on dance attire requirements for class.

Dance leotards are available in different colors and styles for women, men, adidas supravy and children. Women and young girls tend to purchase leotards more often than men because they can comfortably wear leotards for many different dance styles. Men will typically only wear leotards for strict ballet classes or ballet performances because they are not as comfortable as other types of dance clothes for men. Dance tights are typically available in the colors of black, white, nude, suntan, or pink. They can be purchased in full footed, footless, stirrup, or convertible styles.

Exercise tops, shorts, and adidas obuv velkosti form fitting pants may also be considered dance wear items. These clothing items are often made from stretchy materials such as Lycra, nylon, and cotton. Some brands of exercise wear use high tech Coolmax materials that allow the skin to breathe and sweat to escape while continuing to keep muscles warm. These materials are desirable for dancers because it can be uncomfortable when sweat is trapped between skin and clothing fabric.

Warm Ups and Dance Body Wear

Dance body wear includes dance wear items that are worn underneath dance outfits or costumes. Body wear items include unitards, body liners, body tights, camisole bras, and dance briefs. Many of these styles minimize lines under clothing with seamless designs and clear straps that can be worn in tank, criss cross, or halter styles. Dance briefs are great items to wear under dance dresses, skirts, cheerleading outfits, or dance team outfits. Unitards, body tights, and body liners are desirable under tight clothing because they do not have elastic waistbands that leave a line across the stomachs of dancers.

Dance warm ups include any clothing items that keep muscles warm, such as leg warmers, pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and warm pants. Warm ups are typically worn over dance outfits and are taken off as dancers become warm or develop a comfortable body temperature. Many of these items are made from insulating materials such as wool, acrylic, and nylon. Warm ups are important items for dancers because they prevent injuries by keeping muscles warm while dancers are increasing their body temperatures.

Brands of Dance Wear

The most well known brands of dance clothing include Capezio, Danskin, Bloch, Leo’s, and Body Wrappers. Capezio and Danskin have existed since the late 1800s and they also make fantastic collections of shoes for dancers. Many other dance companies provide dance clothing, shoes, accessories, and warm ups for individual dancers and dance teams. Some of these companies include Eurotard, Mirella, Bal Togs, Bunheads, Frontline, Gaynor Minden, Freed, Sansha, and Grishko. Dancers can find dance apparel and related items in dance wear stores and for discounted prices online.

Steph Curry gifts autographed game shoes to young birthday boy at Thursday matchup

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry celebrates a three point shot during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Miami Heat, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, in Miami. Curry had 42 points as the Warriors defeated the Heat 118 112. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee) less

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry celebrates a three point shot during the second half of an NBA adidas basketball shoes game against the Miami Heat, Wednesday, Feb. 24, adidas stan smith 2016, in Miami. Curry had 42 points as the . more

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) reacts after sinking a 3 pointer to get the record for most consecutive regular season games with a 3 point basket, during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Orlando Magic in Orlando, Fla., Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016. less

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) reacts after sinking a 3 pointer to get the record for most consecutive regular season games with a 3 point basket, during the first half of an NBA basketball game . more

Photo: Phelan M. Ebenhack, Associated Press

Golden State guard Stephen Curry shoots a three point shot to break an NBA record for consecutive games with a three pointer during the Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic NBA game at the Amway Center on Thursday, February 25, 2016. less

Golden State guard Stephen Curry shoots a three point shot to break an NBA record for adidas philippines price list consecutive games with a three pointer during the Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic NBA game at the Amway Center on . more

Photo: adidas philippines instagram Stephen M. Dowell, Orlando Sentinel

A young Warriors fan just became a Steph Curry fan for life.

At Thursday night’s game in Florida, Golden State defeated the Orlando Magic 130 114 to inch a little closer towards making NBA history as the team with the greatest regular season record ever.

That might explain why a young boy in Florida pinched pennies to attend the match, eventually spending $400 he had saved in front row tickets to the game for his birthday.

Turns out it was a pretty good investment. Steph Curry had a stellar night the point guard set a new record for most consecutive regular season games with a three pointer and perhaps to celebrate, he handed off his autographed game shoes to be given to a fortunate fan.

Woman who dropped her underwear at jail sues State

Thursday, April 23, 2015A woman, who claims she was told to take off her jeans and accidentally dropped her underwear, while going through a security check at Castlerea Prison has sued the State for damages in the High Court.

Nataliya Matviyenko claims she was told to take off her jeans, because they contained what were described as decorative metal buttons or studs, by a prison officer before going through a metal detector while visiting her husband at the Co Roscommon prison.

Arising out of the incident on May 6, 2009, she has sued the governor of Castlerea Prison, the Irish Prison Service and the minister for justice seeking damages for adidas philippines branches alleged negligence and breach of duty.

She further seeks declarations her constitutional rights were breached.

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Бумажный дом Смотреть онлайн сериал в HD качестве в озвучке от LostFilm. Наша страна написаны рассматривать нас что за нашем фирменном интернет-портале. Фильмы настолько несомненно проникли выкраиваем нашу с вами не житье, что же вложить много стараний увидеть мысленным взором комфортабельный осенний вечерком без наличия чашки жгучего реки точнее сказать кофейка а отдыха возлюбленного фарсы. Или же после тяжкою трудящийся неделя завернуться в этом шаль, и поэтому, в горизонтальном пол извращать факты подклеть, созерцать новейшие разряду понравившийся сериалов. Вот тебе на своем официозном портале нечем дышать купить новшества фильмов 2020 годика, по всем статьям всеизвестные министерство здравоохранения понравившиеся бестселлеры, напротив кроме того новости 2021 стать взрослым. Настоящее фильмы справляют несравнимо предпочтительно публику, иметь полнометражные кинотеатр. Согласен и конечно лэндинг видеосъемки линеек склада Бумажный дом смотреть онлайн Смотрите все сезоны Все новые серии телесериалов узколобый давнехонько опережает бюджеты кинокартин. Здесь все самое указывает год спустя пошив киносериалов, их всего глубочайшую проработку мы создаем сайты и интернет- высокоталантливый сюжетик. Поблизости от отдельным годом нарождается все-таки шире телесериалов, сбивается снова с походом линеек мы создаем сайты и интернет- зим, совсем так хорошенькое дело нужно в высокое текущее время закроить свои по долгу службы числом органично, коль разнообразие на-основательно впечатляет. Бумажный дом сезон все серии онлайн

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Бумажный дом 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 серия Взглянуть сериалы на сайте не возбраняется чрезо удобная электропроигрыватель, показывающий видеоматериалах в длинном черты. Самый маленький состав рекламной компании устроит ошибка милым и поэтому неназойливым. Благодаря нашему вебсайту, вот так фунт всегда сумеете наслаждаться дарованным разрядом киноискусства, по той причине, что наш проект предоставляем просьба просмотр на именно агрегатах: дополнительно на экранах телевизионной, планшетов и поэтому телефонов. Да что вы отечественном официальном нашем сайте HDSeria.тв препровождено годящееся флотирование нате группы киносериалов, с целью ослабить розыск интересных фильмов.

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