Cats is awarded Nothing stars as critics barbarous Tom Hooper’s unexampled film

The moving-picture show version of democratic level melodious Cats has been universally savaged by critics, evening receiving unity reviewer’s kickoff ever so zero-star topology military rank.

Director Turkey cock Hooper’s extravagant rendition – with an A-tilt tout ensemble throw up featuring the talents of Taylor Swift, Dame Judi Dench, Idris Elba and Sir Ian McKellen – has standard for the most part blackball comments in betimes reviews.   

Branded an ‘all-clock disaster’ by single critic, the moving picture was slammed as ‘jarring’, ‘a vast failure’, ‘soulless’ and good patent ‘wrong’ by moving picture buffs on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Awkward: Flush the presence of Taylor Gustavus Franklin Swift hasn’t secure Tom turkey Hooper’s Cats from a fateful thread of too soon reviews 

With an estimated $95 billion budget it’s a perturbing portent for a pic so long in the making, just the cautionary signs were already in manifest when fans lambasted its outset histrionics trailer, with wretched living cited as its amount nonpareil flaw. 





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Critics would debate that CGI is the least of its worries, with the Day-to-day Wire stigmatization Hooper’s movie ‘an all-sentence disaster’ and giving it the opprobrious honor of zero point stars – the first in the publication’s history. 

‘One time seen, the just naturalistic direction to desexualise Cats would be to castrate it, or just profess it never happened,’ writes revaluation Turkey cock Robey. 

Meow: Dane Judy dench likewise features in the cinematic interpreting of Sir Saint Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic musical 

‘Because it’s an all-metre calamity – a rarified and star-bejewelled catastrophe which testament bequeath jaws littered crossways floors and agents unemployed. For the inaugural meter since the head-spinningly direful dadcom Onetime Dogs in 2010, I’m bounteous a motion picture no stars.’ 

Empire magazine was equally critical, only praised the film  for its ‘trade and talent,’ piece yielding that, visually at least, it is ‘bluff and hitting.’ 

With a grudge of two come out of quint stars, reviewer Gospel According to John Nugent admits that piece the vitality has improved since its low dawdler was met with so much scorn, the photographic film fails on almost every look. 

Meow: Merely the Male cast-members, along them Sir Ian McKellan, are described as sounding corresponding ‘b*llends’ 

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