Tom Hiddleston in Suffolk after introducing Taylor adidas neo Swift to the family

The 35 year old actor, who is in the running to be the next James Bond, then got behind the wheel of their rented Jaguar and took Taylor on a drive around Suffolk as he showed her some of his favourite spots.

Coordinating: The 35 year old maintained a muted palette throughout his ensemble as he rounded off his look with a simple indigo T shirt and grey suede shoes


May 2, 2016: Taylor and Tom Hiddleston are spotted dancing with each other at the 2016 Met Gala in New York, before the star’s split from Calvin Harris.

June 1:It emerges that Taylor and Calvin have broken up after 15 months of dating. They were last pictured together, kissing on May 20.

June 15:The Sun obtains photos of Taylor and Tom kissing on the beach in Rhode Island, taken June 14.

June 16:Tom and Taylor are pictured boarding the singer’s private jet in Rhode Island.

June 21: The coupleare spotted dancing with each other at Selena Gomez’s concert in Nashville, Tennessee.

June 23: adidas com originals Taylor and Tom have a dinner date with the pop star’s friends in Nashville.

June 23: Calvin allegedly responds to fans on his Instagram account after he is asked by social media users what happened between him and Taylor. A rep for Calvin tells Entertainment Tonight that the DJ did not write the comments.

June 24:People reports that Taylor has introduced Tom to her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift, in Nashville.

Tom has been officially dating the 26 year old for adidas com originals a mere two weeks, following her abrupt split from Calvin Harris.

Tom and Taylor met and adidas obuv pánska shared a dance at the Met Costume Gala in New York City on May 1, with the smitten actor sending her flowers and wooing her after learning of her newly single status. Daughter Khloe Kardashian is also seen looking very worried and supporting her mom near the driver\’s side of the car.

6bn hit to profits from fines

Royal Bank of Scotland faces a 6bn hit to its profits over the coming years as it continues to set aside huge sums for fines and compensation, according to a leading investment bank.

Analysts at JP Morgan predicted that the taxpayer owned lender faces the biggest remaining bill for misconduct of the major UK banks, more than six years after its 45bn bail out.

In total, RBS, Barclays, HSBC and adidas originals Lloyds face 15.1bn worth of provisions for expected foreign exchange fines, PPI payouts and penalties related to US mortgages in the next two years, JP Morgan said.

The bank Raul Sinha raised his provision forecasts by 2.8bn on Monday, after saying RBS and Barclays would have to put aside more than previously thought.

When including the 11.5bn of unused provisions the banks already have on their balance sheets, this suggests 26.7bn worth of remaining fines and redress for the banks.

RBS is facing a fine of billions of pounds for selling mortgage backed securities in the US in the run up to the financial crisis.

The bank, 79pc owned by the taxpayer, was dealt a blow in the US Supreme Court on Monday, when an appeal from RBS and three other banks seeking to derail lawsuits from the Federal Housing Finance Agency over the toxic loans was unsuccessful.

The banks had argued that the FHFA had missed a deadline for filing the case.

JP Morgan said RBS will have to take an extra 3.1bn worth of provisions over the case. Although it is unclear when any fine will come, it is expected as soon as the first quarter of this year.

If a large proportion of these provisions are taken when the bank releases annual results for 2014 in February, it could wipe out much of its annual profit expected to be the first since its bail out in 2008.

The fines could also eat into bonuses, following pressure from the City watchdog.

JP Morgan said the industry’s total bill for PPI mis selling will rise above 25bn in the coming years, with Lloyds continuing to bear the biggest cost.

finally getting honest

Up until recently I been reading your columns and your advice seems clear and to the point. I am in a serious bind. My wife of five years began a relationship with someone from her past. I discovered the relationship and through many other lies told she confessed to it and stated it was best if we got divorced.

Now, adidas obuv lacno to give you a brief overview of our marriage, it was mediocre at best. Sex wasn the issue; she complained about my lack of as she called it, and I never really responded past her cries for attention. Fast forward to today, we still live together (we both have nowhere to go), we have casual sex, speak more openly about ourselves and our past relationships and adidas obuv dámska future relationships. In other words our relationship has developed into something better than our five year marriage; we hold no secrets. She confesses, I confess and we love it. My problem is I have a mall intent on ruining her current new long distance relationship with her boyfriend.

Now that you are being honest, the relationship is working. Keep being honest. Look at her and tell her the deepest things you are feeling. Hold nothing back. Tell her of the pain you felt in childhood. Tell her of your loneliness. Tell her how you feel when she goes off with this other man. Tell her about your mother. Tell her about your father. Tell her how you feel that you are alone in the world. Tell her that she is like a tiny bird you want to cherish but fear you could crush. Tell her you are sorry you have not been the man she wanted. Tell her you will never be the man she wanted, that you will always be only the man you are. Tell her the man you are is the man you are. Tell her she can flay your skin with a razor and poke hot knives in you and still you will be just the man you are. Tell her this is how you were born. Tell her that you and she are two spirits collided and this is an ancient drama. Tell her you want to just look into her eyes and watch the sunset there. Tell her to take off her blouse. Tell her to sit with you and just look at her that way. Tell her tomorrow you are leaving. Tell her you don know where you are going but you have to leave. Tell her this didn work out, that it can work out, that neither of you is ready for marriage but you are ready for sex.

Tell her you hate thinking about this other man she is seeing. Tell her to go to hell. Tell her you sorry you told her to go to hell, you were just angry and overcome with emotion. Tell her you hate her. Tell her you sorry you told her you hate her, you were just overcome with emotion and are obviously too emotionally immature to actually be married. Tell her you are crying because it hurts so much. Ask her to get you a hot washcloth. Wipe your face with a hot washcloth. Sit with her. Ask her if she really loves you or is just using you. Ask her if this thing with this other man is just a sex thing. Ask her if she knows who you really are. Ask her if she is curious about you as a person. Pack your suitcase. Put your shoes in the suitcase wrapped in plastic bags. If she tries to help you pack, tell her no, you have to do this. Go to the house of a friend. Tell your friend you will stay just one week on the couch, no longer. Conclude the arrangements on your former abode. Get off the lease if there is a lease. Find a roommate situation. Find a yoga class. Begin doing yoga every week. Have a medical checkup. Go over your insurance. Figure out your income and expenses. Live quietly and frugally for a year. Try Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. Look into some kind of low cost community psychotherapy or counseling. Read Victor Frankl. If you have not completed your four year degree, go to a local college and inquire about completing your degree. If you date, date slowly. Do not have sex at first. If you see a woman you like, speak to her quietly and politely. Do not maneuver her. If you require a divorce, consult a lawyer. Do your divorce in the most inexpensive way possible. Tell your parents that you are OK, that it was just one of those things. If you have brothers and sisters, call them frequently. Learn to cook for yourself. Do yoga every week. Learn to sit quietly with a book. Have sex with women but do not get married. Make it clear to women you have sex with that you have boundaries and you have baggage. Keep your private life private. If your wife needs to communicate with you on occasion, communicate with her but do not have sex with your ex wife. Do not inquire who she is having sex with. Read about boundaries. Balance your hormones. Spend time on the beach. Have good regular habits. Live this way. Live this way as long as you can.

Lenovo to launch chocolate printer

1Lenovo to launch chocolate printer, mood shoes2Uber is growing because people know it is safe: David Plouffe3Government working on guidelines for e commerce sector4Uber, Lyft warn against proposed NYC regulations5Supercomputer Bhaskara to give boost to weather forecasting6Amazon to offer same day shipping for free7Apple can’t disqualify antitrust monitor: Court8FCC proposes internet subsidy for the poor9Big changes are coming to Google’s social platform, Google+10Huawei sees smartphone shipments in southeast Asia to rise by 160%

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Dance Wear

Proper dance wear and high quality dance shoes are necessary tools for serious dancers. Dance attire can make a huge impact on the quality of a dance performance. Dancers need to wear clothing that is form fitting and stretchy. This allows them to perform various types of movement without worrying about clothing getting in the way. Tight clothing is also necessary so that spectators can see the beautiful lines that are created by the bodies of dancers.

Baggy dance wear is only acceptable in certain circumstances. It can be worn while dancers are warming up as a way to keep muscles warm and to prevent injuries from occurring. Most dance instructors will encourage dancers to take off baggy clothing once bodies are warm in class. The only dance style that encourages the wearing of baggy clothing is hip hop.

There are many different styles of dance wear to choose from, depending on the style of dance that you are performing. Leotards and tights are common dance apparel items for various styles of dance, especially for ballet. Most ballet classes require that students wear black leotards and pink tights for every class. Dance styles such as jazz, tap, and modern are more lenient on dance attire requirements for class.

Dance leotards are available in different colors and styles for women, men, adidas supravy and children. Women and young girls tend to purchase leotards more often than men because they can comfortably wear leotards for many different dance styles. Men will typically only wear leotards for strict ballet classes or ballet performances because they are not as comfortable as other types of dance clothes for men. Dance tights are typically available in the colors of black, white, nude, suntan, or pink. They can be purchased in full footed, footless, stirrup, or convertible styles.

Exercise tops, shorts, and adidas obuv velkosti form fitting pants may also be considered dance wear items. These clothing items are often made from stretchy materials such as Lycra, nylon, and cotton. Some brands of exercise wear use high tech Coolmax materials that allow the skin to breathe and sweat to escape while continuing to keep muscles warm. These materials are desirable for dancers because it can be uncomfortable when sweat is trapped between skin and clothing fabric.

Warm Ups and Dance Body Wear

Dance body wear includes dance wear items that are worn underneath dance outfits or costumes. Body wear items include unitards, body liners, body tights, camisole bras, and dance briefs. Many of these styles minimize lines under clothing with seamless designs and clear straps that can be worn in tank, criss cross, or halter styles. Dance briefs are great items to wear under dance dresses, skirts, cheerleading outfits, or dance team outfits. Unitards, body tights, and body liners are desirable under tight clothing because they do not have elastic waistbands that leave a line across the stomachs of dancers.

Dance warm ups include any clothing items that keep muscles warm, such as leg warmers, pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and warm pants. Warm ups are typically worn over dance outfits and are taken off as dancers become warm or develop a comfortable body temperature. Many of these items are made from insulating materials such as wool, acrylic, and nylon. Warm ups are important items for dancers because they prevent injuries by keeping muscles warm while dancers are increasing their body temperatures.

Brands of Dance Wear

The most well known brands of dance clothing include Capezio, Danskin, Bloch, Leo’s, and Body Wrappers. Capezio and Danskin have existed since the late 1800s and they also make fantastic collections of shoes for dancers. Many other dance companies provide dance clothing, shoes, accessories, and warm ups for individual dancers and dance teams. Some of these companies include Eurotard, Mirella, Bal Togs, Bunheads, Frontline, Gaynor Minden, Freed, Sansha, and Grishko. Dancers can find dance apparel and related items in dance wear stores and for discounted prices online.

Close up on running

According to Dr. Baima, the impact running has on your muscles and joints depends on what kind of runner you are: are basically two types of runners, she said. that heel strike and those that mid foot strike.

Heel running is the more common way to run since padding in contemporary running shoes may encourage this type of gait. Recent studies have suggested this leads to increased forces at the knee joint. It is not yet known whether this leads to increased injury.

Some people land first on their mid foot. This usually occurs in people who run barefoot. Since this is thought to cause less wear and tear on the body, it has led to the recent trend in barefoot (or minimalist footwear) in running.

used to think running increased hip and knee arthritis because of the frequent pounding, but studies have not proven this, Baima says. Light to moderate running has no adverse effect. Heavy running may predispose patients to osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. Pace may be more important than distance in hip osteoarthritis.

Anterior knee pain: This refers to pain in the front of the knee. It can come from a meniscal tear or adidas zx flux arthritis, but the most common problem in runners is poor tracking of the knee cap with repetitive bending and straightening of the knee.

Stress fractures: They usually occur in the feet and shins.

Plantar fasciitis: The irritation of the soft tissue that covers the bottom of the foot.

Subungual hematoma: A bruise under the toenailBaima cites several benefits to running including improved endurance, lower blood pressure, increased oxygen delivery to the tissues, adidas balerinky improved metabolism, and improved strength and bone density.

However, she also notes that not getting enough exercise can give you low bone density and too much can give you a stress fracture. more common in runners, stress fractures are not as common as soft tissue injuries from running. If left untreated, stress fractures typically cause pain earlier in the run, she says.1. Start slowly distance by no more than 10% per week. Do not run every day. Give yourself a day off in between.

2. Make sure you get enough calcium and adidas obuv lacno vitamin D. It is OK to wear sunscreen. It is inevitable that you will miss a spot, and 10 to 20 minutes of bright sunlight is likely all that you need for vitamin D. No need to risk skin cancer when you can take a vitamin D supplement.

3. Avoid caffeine. It amps people up and can encourage training through an injury.

4. Do not run barefoot without proper training. (I would say do not run barefoot at all, but choose a very thin soled shoe. There is no telling what you might step on in the city.)

Things You Can Learn from Your Dog about Living Well

The old adage that can teach an old dog new tricks gets completely turned around on us when you consider the life philosophy of a pooch. In fact, my grown but still puppy like Australian Shepherd never fails to remind me how much we both benefited from her energetic spirit and how it has affected my own well being. each morning with unfaltering regularity. Now, this might not seem like much but, believe me, I would otherwise drift right back into z land were it not for her insistence. Fortunately for my pup, she immune to such pouts and she doesn come equipped with a snooze button. Neither does her bladder.

Fortunately for me, however, she allows me to get my work done during the day. In fact, right after a morning cup of tea for me, and a slosh in the water bowl for her, I actually announce that it time to go to work. That her cue to select a chew toy and toddle down the hall after to me to my office. However, there comes a point in the afternoon when I asked to take a cue from her: the leash dangling from her mouth clearly says, a nice day. Get your walking shoes on. are other daily highlights that we both look forward to and learn from. Obedience and agility training provides an opportunity to develop honest communication and mutual trust. It teaches the life lesson that if you want to win the prize, then do the work to get there, whether it learning to sit and stay or to jump through a hoop. And, sometimes, just the sense of accomplishment of a job well done is reward enough, even if liver treats are available. Most importantly, never take your eye off the ball.

What else can you learn from your dog (or mine, if you don have one of your own)? Perhaps it this: live simply, but mindfully. While your busy juggling work, adidas obuv family, home, finances and yeah time for yourself, remember to keep your eye on the ball, adidas balerinky whether your goal is to shed a few extra pounds, build muscle, or adidas zx flux increase your energy and stamina.

If you want what lies buried, dig until you

When you happy, dance around and wag

When it in your best interest, practice

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a

Take naps and stretch before rising. She has written for many magazines, including Let’s Live, Natural Living Today, Real Woman, The Herb Quarterly, Your Health, American Fitness, Mother Earth News, Delicious!, Better Nutrition, Natural Pharmacy and several web sites. She has been the subject of numerous interviews with national magazines and newspapers and has been a guest on several radio shows, such as Gary Null’s Natural Living and The Deborah Ray Show.

Anger In Lucknow Against Leader Expelled By BJP For Abusing Mayawati

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Lowry scores 33 points to lift Raptors 95

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3) dunks the ball over Toronto Raptors guards Cory Joseph (6), DeMar DeRozan (10) and forward DeMarre Carroll (5), adidas balerinky during the second half of Game 3 of an NBA second round playoff basketball series Saturday, May 7, 2016, in Miami. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

The Raptors point guard scored 29 of his 33 points in the second half to carry the Raptors to a 95 91 victory over the Miami Heat, and a 2 1 lead in their best of seven second round playoff series.

And moments after the couple of hundred Raptors fans at American Airlines Arena cheered them off the court, coach Dwane Casey said it “feels good” to be able to put the ball in Lowry’s hands down the stretch.

“Because now you’re not searching,” Casey said. “Everyone in the world knew Kyle was struggling and it made it a lot easier for us to score when he’s scoring the way he did tonight.”

DeMar DeRozan added 19 points, while Valanciunas had 16 points and 12 rebounds before he left early in the third quarter.

Lowry shot 11 for 19 and scored 14 of Toronto’s final 20 points in a game that could have gone very wrong after Valanciunas limped to the locker room in the third quarter.

“JV was holding it down, he’s been holding it down all playoffs, and I think for me and DeMar, we just said we’ve got to be more aggressive,” Lowry said. “We knew the situation we were in.”

That situation was a battle of guards. The Heat had already lost their starting centre Hassan Whiteside to a sprained knee in the first half, and Dwyane Wade responded by scoring 29 of his 38 points in the second half for Miami.

The Raptors were the dominant team in the first half, but Wade lit it up with 18 points in the third quarter that brought American Airlines Arena to life, and sent the game into the fourth all even at 68 68.

The Heat raced out to an early six point lead, but the Raptors clawed their way back and when Lowry drilled a three pointer and followed it up with a layup, it gave the visitors a four point lead with just under four minutes to play.

The game was tied at 82 82 when Lowry drilled a three, then a pair of free throws to put Toronto up by five points with a minute and a half to play, prompting a chant of “Let’s go Raptors!” from the fans who made the trip south.

Wade and Lowry traded baskets before DeRozan’s five free throws, plus a missed three by Joe Johnson, sealed the victory for Toronto.

DeRozan and Lowry sat at the post game podium together, as they have done throughout the post season. DeRozan joked when asked how Lowry’s resurgence changes the series.

“Um, it makes it a lot easier,” DeRozan said.

“Damn, putting pressure on me,” Lowry replied.

DeRozan then turned serious, saying “A lot of people are acting like I’ve never seen it before. Like it’s my first time seeing it.

“I had some good people, the people who can get to me, they got to me,” Lowry said. “I’ve got a guy to my left (nudging DeRozan), he’s probably my biggest supporter, and backbone to me right now. And he said ‘Just keep going.'”

Game 4 is Monday in Miami, and the big question marks will be the health of Valanciunas and Whiteside.

“It’s swollen, we’re gonna see (Sunday) how it is and we’ll play it by ear,” said Valanciunas, wearing shower shoes in the locker room.

Whiteside left with his knee encased in a soft cast.

American Airlines Arena was blanketed Saturday in white Heat T shirts, dotted with pockets of Toronto fans, who cheered every Raptors basket.

“Nothing surprises me about Raptors fans,” said DeMarre Carroll. “Not them packing Jurassic Park, some of the Instagram and adidas botasky tweets I get, nothing surprises me about those fans. I feel like they’re some of the best fans in the world and I feel like we have to just keep going and keep giving them something to cheer about.”

The series heads back to Toronto for Game 5 on Wednesday.

Valanciunas was superb from the opening tipoff, making his first three shots and scoring eight points in the first to put the Raptors up 23 19 going into the second.

Johnson scored back to back baskets to give Miami a brief one point lead midway through the second quarter, but a Valanciunas alley oop capped an 18 6 Raptors run for an 11 point Toronto lead. The Raptors went into halftime up 49 40.

Lowry poured in 15 points in the third to lift the Raptors to a 10 point lead, but they couldn’t contain Wade, whose jump shot with 23 seconds left tied the game.

The Good Book can’t be bettered

Remember this song from Sunday School? “The best book to read is the Bible/ The best book to read is the Bible/ If you read it every day/It will help you on your way/ The best book to read is the Bible.”

Not any more it isn’t, at least if philosopher A C Grayling and his fellow humanists, secularists and atheists have their way. This week sees the publication of The Good Book: A Secular Bible by

Well, it isn’t by anyone. Rather, as the book jacket informs us in a typographical style imitative of the Christian template it seeks to displace, it is “made by” A C Grayling, in a process of redaction, editing and re writing “in just the same way as the Judaeo Christian Bible was made”.

“If the Creator of the Universe wanted to guide us morally with a book, why give us a book that supports slavery along with the occasional genocide and human sacrifice? Why instruct us to kill people for imaginary crimes, like witchcraft? Granted, there are some beautiful precepts in the Bible, like the Golden Rule. But none are unique to the Bible.”

Last week, meanwhile, a Vatican Jewish dialogue commission warned of a “moral crisis” in modern secular society, and we saw the paperback edition of Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. In it, the theologian and former nun says “our religious leaders behave like secular politicians” and bemoans a “flagrant abuse of religion in recent years”.

That’s just one week in the life of our nation. Is it a snapshot of a secularist age in which organised religion has no cultural foothold, or just a bad week for a faith that is used to being bullied by atheistic firefighters such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins? Who is right? The Blackburn with Darwen vicar Rev Kevin Logan, when he commented: “I am certainly not worried about Christianity. It can stand against any belief and come out in a good light”? Or Grayling, who cites diminishing church attendance and a recent YouGov poll in which two thirds of the population said “no” when asked if they were religious?

If the humanists are in the ascendant, then Grayling’s self help book for the spiritually rudderless will be snapped up. It is an easy read distillation of aphorisms, parables and words to live by, concocted from non religious thinking from classical antiquity in both East and adidas superstar West through to the 19th century with, I note from the sources cited, Grayling the sole 21st century representative.

And what company he keeps. If one of our most virulent public opponents of organised religion and, it was announced yesterday, the next president of the British Humanist Association could be accused of a sin, pride might spring to mind.

“If I hadn’t acknowledged that I had edited the sources and counted myself among them,” counters Grayling, “it would have been disingenuous. It is not out of a vaunting sense of being up there with them. I am a humble member of the team.”

The tome is divided into 14 books: Genesis, Wisdom, Parables, Concord, Lamentations, Consolations, Songs, Sages, Histories, Proverbs, The Lawgiver, Acts, Epistles and The Good. The last contains Grayling’s humanist version of the Ten Commandments: “Love well; seek the good in all things; harm no others; help the needy; think for yourself; take responsibility; respect nature; do your utmost; be informed; be courageous.”

The format, equally cheekily, is the same as the King James Bible, whose 400th anniversary is being celebrated this year: a template of chapters and verses, set across two columns. “It is not intended as an affront,” says Grayling. “It is practical recognition that the Bible is very successful because of the way it is structured. It is very inviting to readers. It allows you to read small amounts, to reflect, or find something that is quotable. I didn’t want page after page of dense text, which is rebarbative.”

Traditionalists may find the content itself rebarbative as it subverts the Old and New Testaments, kicking off with Grayling’s version of Genesis, a natural scientist’s riff on the importance of knowledge and what it means to be human. In another act of mimicry, the language of The Good Book is self consciously formal.

“The great beauty of language in the King James Version was deliberate,” says Grayling. “It used more than 90 per cent of Tyndale’s Bible and its makers were very conscious of the fact that the language they were using was already archaic.

“The language of my book also has that formal feel because I am saying things that have a slightly heightened importance in our lives. It enables you to ask what is being said, and then to ask: which of the two books do you find speaks more warmly, humanely and generously about the human condition?”

I am not sure how generous it is to pit the two books against each other. To some, it may feel like an act of blatant hostility. But the 62 year old Birkbeck philosophy professor and broadcaster is not afraid of being caught in the crossfire. “People will be offended, without even having read it. They will see it as a terrible act of arrogance. It absolutely isn’t at all. Without being all Uriah Heep about it, it is modestly offered as a contribution to the conversation of mankind.”

It surely couldn’t be the voice of Grayling himself writing in the first person in Lamentations, then? Chapter 1 begins: “When I was without comfort, and sorrowing; when the grief of life was present to me, and afflictions common to man were upon me, then I lamentede_SLps”

“Yes, I did write the first chapters out of my own personal experience,” says Grayling. “I did it because some years ago I realised almost all of us, if we got beyond childhood, had experiences of great grief and loss and desperate things.

“My own family had a terrible tragedy. When I was young my older sister was murdered. It was a really awful situation. Her husband was arrested. She had been thrown in the river. My parents had to identify her body. My mother, who was terribly ill at the time, had a heart attack and died. It was terrible for my father and difficult for all of us to come to terms with. For quite a long time afterwards I never spoke of it.

“Many people have happy lives, but I found that once you got to know them you would find that they too had suffered. It is important to let other people know we do understand. People say all these formulaic things when you tell them of your suffering, but if you share your own, then they know you mean it.”

Yet I sense Grayling the whole way through. Take Epistles. You can positively hear his rarefied tones in those of the father who writes to his son, opining on politicians or the yobbishness of today’s youth. “Many young people are so light,” we are told, “so dissipated and so incurious, that they can hardly be said to see what they see or hear what they hear.”

Not me at all, says Grayling. “You are witnessing someone giving advice to his son, giving good common sense and being paternal about what youngsters get up to.” It is based on Chesterfield’s Letters to His Son “a monument of enlightenment,” according to Grayling. “You may agree or disagree with Epistles; that is the right approach.”

“The humanistic view of ethics,” he continues, “is that no one is in a position to tell others how to live. You can give advice, and exhort them to think about their moral lives, but not in a goody two shoes, Mary Whitehouse way.”

The Bible, by contrast, is bossy, Grayling says, with control meted out through rewards, punishments, Old Testament atrocities and barbarism. He is not the first to find it distasteful, of course.

But Grayling’s audacious alternative is not to her taste either. “I do not think the inner life edited by AC Grayling is how I want to live,” says Winterson, who reflects on the values of the Bible in her forthcoming memoir, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? “What secularists forget about Christianity is that belief in that system prompted the creation of an astounding body of imaginative work that in turn uplifts and alters the human spirit.

“I do not believe in a sky god but the religious impulse in us is more than primitive superstition. We are meaning seeking creatures and materialism plus good works and good behaviour does not seem to be enough to provide meaning. We shall have to go on asking questions but I would rather that philosophers like Grayling asked them without the formula of answers.