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Intervention orders ‘being overused’

Intervention orders are being overused Men And Women Adidas Equipment Support ADV Primeknit Running Shoes Dark Red White Nz Online are too easily breached, Men And Women Adidas Equipment Support ADV Primeknit Running Shoes Dark Red White Nz Online lawyers and psychiatrists have claimed.

They say this has diluted their effectiveness, Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Women’s Sneakerboots Prm Undeafted Nz potentially putting victims of stalking and domestic violence at greater risk.

Find The Best Deals On Women Adidas Springblade VII Shoes Black GreenYellow Nz Online Law Institute of Victoria will try to set up a group with Attorney General Rob Hulls to look at changing the legislation to ensure intervention orders are used properly.

Law Institute president Bill O’Shea said the effectiveness of intervention orders had been reduced.

“They were introduced, really, to combat domestic violence, and they’re now being used in a whole range of civil disputes, which has the effect of devaluing the significance of an intervention order,” he said.

Intervention orders were being taken out too often by feuding neighbours and unions in dispute.

“Basically, the whole strength of an intervention order has been devalued by the excessive use of it in less important areas,” he said.

Court figures show a 24 per cent increase in intervention orders in the five years to 2000 01, and Discount Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Men’s Running Shoes Purple Red New Zealand a 282 per cent increase in intervention orders based on allegations of stalking.

One in four of those complaints involved stalking accusations between neighbours.

Mr O’Shea said intervention orders could also lead to unnecessary criminal convictions against people when orders were breached by feuding neighbours, perhaps unintentionally.

He said criminal law should not be used to deal with feuding neighbours and in cases where there were no threats of violence.

Michele Pathe, a director of the Stalking Discount Men And Women Adidas Originals Superstar Foundation Leather Plate Shoes Snow Black New Zealand Threat Management Centre, said intervention orders were being used indiscriminately in stalking cases without considering how appropriate they might be.

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Winnipeg Here I Come

I know Winnipeg is the bitter rival of Rider Nation but I cant help but feel nostalgic when I go back to the armpit, err, uhm, I mean Winnipeg. Brendan Taman, Coach Dave Ritchie and the Bombers gave me my first shot at pro football when no one else seemed to want to. I certainly wasn’t good enough to make the team that year but I guess they saw something in me that they could work withor maybe it was because I got into KAWS X Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey Glow In The Dark Sole 2017 New Zealand fights during training camp. Either way, without them I probably wouldn’t be wearing shorts and Adidas Sneakers Men Adidas ZX750 Trail Running Shoes Cornflower Blue White Black Nz shoes to work everyday.

I talk a lot in this blog about “spots” I frequent in different cities. Most of them are eating spots but in Winnipeg I got a spot for everything. Like that place on Ellis Ave with no signage out front that has awesome Central American food (my favorite cuisine) but it only opens sometimes, or the best lunch spot in Canada “the Wagon Wheel” where everything on the menu is crap except they make the best clubhouse sandwich and milkshakes anywhere, unfortunately the hours of operation are even more sparse than the Central American place. Also, hands down, the best Earl’s in the world is at Polo Park. Then there are the “going out at night spots” that are probably a little bit dated by now but I wasted a lot of time, money and liver function at the Tijuana Yacht Club and the now closed down Wise Guys spots. Of course no list of “spots” would be complete with out mentioning “the Pal.” If you don’t know the Palomino Club you defiantly need to experience it because I don’t know the words to describe this place.

I played a total of 5 seasons in the ‘peg and although I never resided there year round, the city has been good to me. I got all my CFL firsts in CanadInns Stadium, first game, first start, first sack given up, first CFL lineman of the week, first grey cup game, first kissoops maybe that’s a story for another daybut the best thing to come out of Winnipeg was my daughter Myia who was born in St Boniface Hospital during the 2006 season.

When I played my first game in Winnipeg as an opponent (with the Renegades) they had a 3page write up on how much I hated the Bombers (which was untrue, at the time) and Nike Kyrie 3 Iridescent Swoosh 2017 Outlet Nz then the 30,000 fans in attendance booed me repeatedly. All I could think of at the time was “this is AWESOME!” I don’t expect anything less than boos from the Bomber faithful on Sunday but I am kind of hoping that the Mark Family, who have had season tickets for at least Discount Nike Kyrie 3 BHM Black Metallic Gold White 2017 New Zealand generations, make me up a sign at the game like they usually do that welcomes me back; and I am hoping the guy with the 2 dogs (I can’t remember his name right now) who sits behind the visitors bench and yells into a megaphone all game takes it easy on his old dog walking buddy; and of course I am excited to see the fan who bought the jersey I wore in my first CFL game and transformed it into Doug Brown jersey.

I love playing in Bomber stadium. I have played over half of my pro games there and it is a great environment for football. All that being said, and I have said it before: you always hurt the ones that are closest to you, and I love hurting the Bombers. I know a lot of the guys in the blue and gold personally so not only are 2 points on the line here, so are off season bragging rights.

The bus leave at 8 on Saturday morning and I think when we finally do roll into town I will make a quick stop to pickup a double fat burger with fries then hit up the olive garden for dinner and then Men And Women Adidas Stan Smith Claassic Leather Plate Shoes Snow Saddle Brown New Zealand only then will I be ready to fulfill our game plan beat the crap out of Doug Brown, which thankfully falls right into my area of expertiseif you don’t know, now you know.

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Malaysia’s GDP grew 5

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s economy grew 5.1% in the fourth quarter ended Dec 31, 2013 (Q4, 2013), which was above economists’ expectations of 4.8%, underpinned by the stronger manufacturing and services sectors.

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) said on Wednesday that on a quarter on quarter seasonally adjusted basis, the economy expanded 2.1% (3Q2013: 1.7%).

However, on a year on year basis, the economy grew at a slower pace when compared to the 6.5% growth recorded in Q4, 2012 due to the strong manufacturing output then.

For the whole year of 2013, the Malaysian economy grew by 4.7% compared with 5.6% in 2012.

BNM said on the supply side, growth in Q4, 2013 was supported by the major economic sectors.

The services sector, 2017 New Model Adidas Style- Women Adidas Ultra Boost V2 Shoes Deep Sky Blue Nz Online which accounts for more than half of the GDP, expanded by 6.4% (Q4, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Men’s White Black Grey New Zealand 2012: 6.4%), which was in line with the improvement in trade and manufacturing activities.

The manufacturing sector, which accounts for nearly 25% of the economy, Nike Air Max Thea Print Women’s Running Shoes Grey Green New Zealand expanded at a slower pace of 5.1% in Q4 2013 (Q4, 2012: 5.7%), supported by higher growth in both export and domestic oriented industries.

BNM said the construction sector recorded slower growth of 9.7%, a decline from a year ago (Q4 2012: 17.6%), supported by activity in the non residential and residential sub sectors.

However, the commodities sector weakened, due to lower production of rubber, palm oil and crude oil. The agriculture sector recorded slower growth of 0.2% in Q4, 2013 (Q4, Discount Retail 100% Autentic Adidas Shoes Couples Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Groove Shoes Cyan White New Zealand 2012: 5.6%) while mining shrank 1.5% (Q4, 2012: 4.2%).

“For the Malaysian economy, domestic demand will remain supportive of growth. While domestic demand is expected to moderate following the ongoing fiscal consolidation, the external sector is expected to benefit from the improving global conditions.

“The growth momentum is therefore expected to remain on a steady trajectory,” said the central bank.

BNM said going forward, the global economy is expected to be on a path of moderate recovery. The sustained improvements in the advanced economies will be a positive impulse for international trade.

However, it pointed out the ongoing uncertainties surrounding monetary and fiscal policy adjustments in the advanced economies remain a risk to growth.

“Growth in the Asian economies is expected to be supported by improving external conditions amid moderating domestic demand,” it said.

Private consumption growth remained high in Q4, 2013 although the pace of expansion moderated to 7.3% (Q3, 2013: 8.2%).

spending continued to be supported by stable employment conditions and sustained wage growth, especially in the domestic oriented sectors. Growth in public consumption moderated to 5.1% (Q3 2013: 7.8%), reflecting lower government spending on emoluments, it said.

BNM said gross fixed capital formation grew 5.8% (Q3, 2013: 8.6%), led by robust private sector capital spending amidst a contraction in public investment growth.

However, private investment staged stronger growth of 16.5% (Q3 2013: 15.2%), underpinned by higher capital spending in the services and manufacturing sectors.

investment declined by 2.7% (Q3, 2013: 1.3%), reflecting moderating capital spending by the public enterprises amid a smaller contraction in Federal Government development expenditure, it said.

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Sensible shoes put children’s feet first

Buying the right type and fit of footwear for young children is worth the expense, says Judith Woods

As a child, I remember vividly the thrill of being taken to the shoe shop; the heady excitement of placing my foot on the high tech electronic foot gauge, the gentle bump of the bars against my toes and heels.

That my mother always insisted the shoes themselves were dreary and brown was a bit of an anticlimax. But with each visit came the hope that the shop might have Nike Roshe Run Women’s Shoe Orange Green New Zealand out of brown ‘G’ fittings and oh, joy she would have to buy me the red ones.

I was duly kept in (brown) Start rites until I was old enough to know they weren’t cool, but the lesson that tiny feet are precious stayed with me, right into parenthood.

When should children start to wear shoes?

Many parents start to fret about footwear soon after their children are born. There are so many contradictory messages that it is easy to feel confused. Should you buy those cute little newborn shoes to keep your baby’s feet warm, or might the sturdy leather restrict growth?

Are Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Men’s Shoes Black Outlet Nz vital for those faltering first steps, or are bare feet preferable? Most important, must all footwear be professionally fitted, or is it OK to buy a pair of Cheap Nike Kyrie 3 GS Black Red White Online Nz trainers for tearing about in the park?

“A child doesn’t need shoes until he or she is starting to walk outside,” says Julian Livingstone, consultant podiatrist at Barnet General Hospital.

“At birth, children have cartilage in their feet rather than bone. Bone structure doesn’t fully form until between the age of 16 and 18. As a result, children’s feet are far more malleable than adult feet, so well fitting footwear is essential.” A properly fitted shoe should support the arch and be unrestricted around the toes, allowing them to splay on contact with the ground, which happens when walking. First shoes should be soft soled, so the foot has to work a little bit harder to support the child.

“Generally speaking,” says Livingstone, “the standard recommendation for footwear for all ages is quite simple: a lace up shoe with three to five holes, although Velcro will do just as well. But as the father of two daughters, I know it’s not always easy to put this into practice.”

Must they be fitted?

“I am a firm believer in the right shoe for the right purpose,” says Livingstone, “and I would always recommend a child has more than one pair of shoes, and that they should be changed every day. Fitted shoes are always far preferable to unfitted shoes.” With such a wide variety of brands and shops to choose from, parents may feel they can judge the correct size. But there’s more to a good fit than a number. Charles Boyce, training manager of Start rite, has been fitting shoes for 28 years.

“I could teach any mother how to find the right length and width, but there’s more to it than that,” says Boyce. “A trained fitter will be able to judge whether the arch is receiving the right level of support and whether the style of shoe is right for the girth of the child’s foot, the heel shape and the foot’s proportions.”

Because young children’s ligaments are very loose, their feet can be squeezed into badly fitting shoes without them feeling any immediate discomfort. But long term damage can occur.

Major shoe brands, such as Start rite and Clarks, offer a range of width fittings. The average width is F, which only covers 35 per cent of children; the rest vary from C to H.

Fitting shoes may be an art, but over the years it has been turned into a science. In the early Sixties, children’s feet were X rayed using a pedoscope. Then it was discovered that this new technology carried risks, not so much to the children, but to the staff who were exposed to the rays throughout the day, with no protection.

The electronic foot gauge of my childhood is no longer in vogue, though old fashioned gauges are still widely used in many shops and department stores, including John Lewis.

“It won’t be long before Nike Kyrie 3 Navy Blue Yellow 2017 Nz Online D optical systems are in the marketplace,” says Bob Hardy, foot fitting manager at Clarks.

“At the moment, we use a system where the child stands on a footprint shape, on a plate, underneath which there are sensors that measure the foot and calculate the likely size and fitting, but that’s just a starting point.”

Shoes that are too small can squash toes or encourage bunion joints to develop. Those that are too big mean the child has to grip with his or her toes to keep them on, leading to a condition known as “claw toes”.

Are trainers acceptable?

Many parents still feel there’s a stigma attached to wearing trainers, but, in fact, they are an excellent form of footwear as long as they are made of leather and are properly fitted.

“Feet have 250,000 sweat glands and in the hot, dark, damp conditions of a synthetic trainer, fungal infections like athlete’s foot can thrive, so it’s important the shoes are properly fitted and have Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 20K8 Leather Shoes For Women Nz Sale uppers and breathable liners,” says Hardy.

“But trainers are designed for running about, which is, after all, what children should be doing much of the time.”

How much do children’s shoes cost?

Start rite shoes, which go up to an adult size six, are priced from 26, for a small, first pair size; a typical school shoe costs around 34. Clarks range starts at 20, for a pair in size three, and a boy’s shoe in an adult size nine costs 42.

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Tales from a doctor with bilateral leg amputations

Am I a disabled doctor, or am I a doctor who just happens to be disabled? I have always considered myself the latter, and I am pleased to report that this is how the vast majority of my colleagues treat me.

Medicine was not a prerequisite

I was born with multiple congenital abnormalities, particularly affecting my lower limbs. I was just one year old when my parents took the brave decision to have my feet and ankles amputated. I was walking by my second birthday and have been chasing after my older brothers ever since.

Doing medicine was not a prerequisite in my life: I did not want to try to change the future for others in a similar position. However, it is often said that you like what you know and I did have many happy visits to hospital throughout my childhood.

Self belief and spare legs

I was initially hesitant about applying to medical school because I was unsure if I could mentally cope with a career where anything less than 56 hours a week is considered quiet. Having never required special provisions though school and managing to backpack through India, I decided that my physical condition would not be an obstacle. My self belief was rewarded when I was offered a place at four of the five universities I applied to.

The peak of my medical school experience, as for many doctors, was my elective. I had always wanted to go to an African mission hospital hands on medicine. So I packed a spare leg in bubble wrap, strapped it on to my rucksack, and headed for Kenya.

Advice to others with disabilities

I only have two pieces of advice for others who have disabilities who want to pursue a career in medicine. The first is self belief. If you want to be a doctor and truly believe that you can cope with it, then do it. With determination and, most importantly, your experience and knowledge of your own condition, you will find a way to overcome any problem. You must be honest, however. Think of yourself as a tired doctor, then add in you at your physical worst you want to be treated by that person?

Secondly, be honest with your university and colleagues. Be open about your condition and make an effort to confront any problems that you can envisage. There will always be issues that you have not considered, but in my experience these are not insurmountable.

To illustrate, I knew that a potential problem would be NIKE AIR MAX DYNASTY Men’s Running Shoes White Grey Blue Nz for arrest calls (I can not cover 100 metres as fast as most people). This was acknowledged by my trust but they concluded that my extra delay would not be a problem as the arrest team comes from various parts of the hospital and so arrival is naturally staggered.

Advice to colleagues

Through my undergraduate training and early career, I have encountered a few issues relating to colleagues’ treatment of me. From this personal experience, I have put together some advice.

Feel free to discuss a colleague’s disability is a matter of curiosity as is being born in a different country or being a bungee jumper. However, do so in private and not too early in the relationship. Get to know them as a person and colleague first.

Never examine them as if they were a patient. I have met hand surgeons who are obviously interested in my congenital abnormalities who have started examining them while I was standing by Discount Kids Air Jordan 12 The Master Online New Zealand nurses’ station. This is inappropriate.

Try not to overcompensate; although parts of me are made of wood, none of me is bone china. If I need shouting at at me; if I am not pulling my weight me.

A last word from patients.

In contrast, Cheap Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Women’s Running Shoes Light Grey Silver Nz my experience with patients is more upfront but also simpler. When one patient asked me, Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit Women’s Running Shoes Black Purple New Zealand are you a bit of a cripple, doc? I replied, I’ve always had bad legs, then proceeded with the encounter. I had not taken offence and answered honestly. The patient did not raise it again and proceeded to treat me with respect.

As I was taking a history, another patient said, Nike Air Max 90 Ultra MOIRE Men’s Running Shoes Dark Blue White Nz Sale you mind me asking? Are you an amputee? I confirmed that I was, and the patient continued, so that is why you sway what was it you were asking again?

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Latest James bond Breaking News

Eye spy the greatest movie spies of them all. Who your pick?

With Jason Bourne, the fifth movie in the game changing franchise just around the corner, we pitted together some of the most formidable movie spies and Air Jordan 3 True Blue White 2017 Nz Online Steve Carell to try and figure out who’s the coolest of them all.

Actress Kristen Stewart would like to see a female James Bond. While pictching for a female James Bond, the twlight actress said a male actor Cheap Adidas Sneakers Men Adidas ZX750 Trail Running Shoes Olive Black Nz playing the much sought after spy would be now.

Jul 08, Nike Flyknit Lunar 1 Men’s Running Shoes Black White Nz 2016 12:14 IST

James Bond is my dream role: Karan V Grover

TV actor Karan V Grover, who is currently seen as Shaan in the popular TV show Bahu Humari Rajni_kant, says his dream is to play famous British spy James Bond.

Jul 07, Nike Air Zoom 33 Men’s Running Shoes Purple Black Nz Online 2016 12:52 IST

Take a good look at James Norton, he could likely be your next James Bond

War Peace star James Norton has rapidly emerged as the favourite to play the next James Bond, overtaking Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy and Aidan Turner.

Jul 04, Nike Kyrie 3 White Gold Christmas PE 2017 Outlet Nz 2016 17:48 IST

How Daniel Craig, Nike Air Force 1 LOW UPSTEP BR Women’s Shoes White Nz Online Sam Mendes and a pair of gloves cost Skyfall millions

Did you hear the one about the pair of gloves that nearly cost 2012 Bond movie Skyfall millions of dollars?

Jun 29, 2016 16:19 IST

Daniel Craig signs another film, really looks like he done with Bond

Actor Daniel Craig is in talks to star alongside Halle Berry in the upcoming film Kings.

Jun 23, 2016 10:11 IST

Tom Hiddleston was a geek in school. And the pics that prove it

Tom Hiddleston may be hanging off Taylor Swift arm but would the pop star have gone for him back when he was a young lad?

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How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton . the name is enough to make any woman sigh in awe. This company’s traveler as well as handbags have been creating ripples in the fashion industry since 1854. Many manufactures have taken advantage of the brand name and circulated fake knock offs in the market. Here is some guidance on identifying the proverbial “real deal”.

The market for fake designer items is worth about USD 450 billion. Research reveals that about 80% of the customers are fooled or tricked into buying the fakes for the price of the authentic items. Louis Vuitton products are one of the most widely faked and circulated the world over. Everyone loves to own a designer handbag. It is a matter of pride for the owner and that of envy 2016 Air Max Flyknit Nike Running Shoes For Women Nz Online others who don’t own one. They are stitched perfectly and will never open up for years. The interiors are made of micro monogram textile, microfiber suede, cross grain leather, or Nike Air Max Thea Print Women’s Running Shoes Orange White Nz tone on tone polyester. The zippers are imprinted with the letters LV. They are symmetrical on all sides and have clearly printed gold letters, with a brown line passing through the LV logo. The letters are not solid colored, smudged, cutouts, or have a greenish tint. They are neatly threaded, thin, and accurately placed on the bag. In some of the original bags, the logo is placed upside down on one side. A fake bag may have logos on both sides placed upright.

Handles and Hardware

Most of the original bags have handles made out of genuine rolled cowhide. Instead, they are just placed inside the purse or dust bag. There are New Jordan Melo M13 Black Blue 2017 Nz designs released every season, so make sure that you stay up to date with the latest styles.

Make Mark

Authentic Louis Vuitton bags are made in France, USA, Germany, Italy, as well as Spain. If you Cheap Find The Best Deals On Women Adidas Springblade VII Shoes MediumPurple Lavender Red Nz a mark that says Made in China or Made in Chile, then the bag is not authentic. The original bags are not produced anywhere else other than in the above mentioned countries.

To sum up, remember the three basic rules. First, Louis Vuitton does not offer discounts on its bags. Second, they do not have any outlets, Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 Men’s Running Shoes Blue Black Red Outlet Nz irregulars, or seconds sales. And third, these bags are not sold in retail. Remember that these bags are only sold at Louis Vuitton stores, on the authentic company website, on eLUXURY, or by calling 1 866 VUITTON.

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Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

He came to office as the first leftist leader in Brazil in nearly half a century. And he left eight years later, barred from standing for a third term, enjoying exceptionally high popularity ratings for a retiring Latin American leader.

Analysts say it is because of some of his government’s social programmes, which benefited tens of millions of Brazilians, that Lula retained his popularity.

He raised Brazil’s profile on the international scene and presided over Brazil’s longest period of economic growth in three decades, they say.

But his popularity has been hit lately by accusations that he had knowledge of, or involvement in, wrongdoings at the state controlled oil company Petrobras, something he has consistently denied.

Road to pragmatism Lula’s life began in humble circumstances.

The son of a poor, illiterate peasant family, Lula worked as a peanut seller and shoe shine boy as a child, only learning to read when he was 10 years old.

He went on to train as a metal worker and found work in an industrial Discount Cheap Couples Adidas NEO Clouldfoam Flow City Neo Athletic Shoes Royal Blue Chartreuse White New Zealand near Sao Paulo, where he lost the little finger of his left hand in an accident in the 1960s.

Lula was not initially interested in politics but threw himself into trade union activism after his first wife died of hepatitis in 1969.

Elected leader of the 100,000 strong Metalworkers’ Union in 1975, he transformed trade union activism in Brazil by turning what had mostly been government friendly organisations into a powerful independent movement.

In 1980, Lula brought together a combination of trade unionists, intellectuals, Trotskyites and church activists to found the Workers’ Party (PT), the first major socialist party in the country’s history.

Since then, the PT has gradually replaced its revolutionary commitment to changing the power structure in Brazil with a more pragmatic, social democratic platform.

Before his 2002 election victory, Lula had previously lost three times and he began to believe his party would never win power nationally without forming alliances and keeping powerful economic players onside.

By increasing the minimum wage well above the rate of inflation and broadening state help to the most impoverished with a family grant programme, the Bolsa Familia, he helped some 44 million people and cemented his support among the poor.

However, many commentators argue that the programme failed to address the structural problems that underpin poverty, such as education.

There was also some criticism of the country’s economic performance under Lula. Although Brazil saw steady annual growth, some business leaders argued it lost its competitive edge against international rivals.

Nonetheless, his government quelled fears in financial markets by keeping the economy stable and achieving a budget surplus.

Helped by his high approval ratings, Lula got his hand picked successor, former chief of staff Dilma Rousseff elected in 2010. Ms Rousseff won re election four years later.

Shortly after leaving office, Lula was diagnosed with throat cancer. He even shaved his trademark beard during treatment. Doctors declared him cured of the disease in 2012.

A comeback?Many of his supporters have now called for his return. They see him as a viable candidate to Nike Roshe Run Women’s Shoe Brick Red Printing Nz for Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Essential Women’s Running Shoes Black Pink Orange Nz the presidency in 2018, and Discount Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Men’s Red Wine New Zealand Lula himself has not ruled it out.

Brazil, though, is not the same. The economic bonanza of his years is gone, partially because of the end of the commodities cycle that had driven it.

The country is now in its worst recession in 25 years. Experts also blame Ms Rousseff’s mismanagement for Brazil’s recent financial troubles and her own popularity has hit record lows.

Add to that the multi billion dollar corruption scandal at Petrobras. Senior businessmen and politicians, including big names from his Workers’ Party, have either been arrested or are under investigation.

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Queen to call on the Pope at ‘Vatican B Francis to again break with protocol

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has already met Pope Francis at the Vatican.

In an extraordinary break with tradition, say Vatican sources, Air Jordan XXXI N7 Men’s Basketball Shoes Black Red Nz the Pope will not receive the Queen at the Papal state apartments inside the Apostolic Palace.

The Pope has three rooms inside the Domus Sanctae Marthae, or St Martha’s House, a five storey hostel run by nuns where he is often seen in the canteen when not cooking his own pasta.

The royal visit is expected in April, shortly before the Queen’s 88th birthday, Cheap Retail Cheaper And Original Adidas Sneakers Women Marathon TR 15 Shoes Black DarkOrchid Nz she will be accompanied by Prince Philip, Nike Air Force 1 Low Men’s Shoes Khaki Blue Black Nz Sale 92.

With Prince Philip, she will undertake engagements in Normandy to mark the British war effort of June 6, Cheap Women Adidas Springblade VI Shoes BlueViolet Navy Nz Sale 1944. Then, the couple wlll go to Paris to be formally received by President Francois Hollande and attend a series of state events.

In Rome, the Queen will also meet Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, a great admirer. The meeting with the Pope will be in striking contrast to the pageantry of 1980 when she became the first British monarch to make a state visit to the Vatican.

There was also strict formality in 2000 when the Queen went to the Vatican on a state visit to Italy.

This time, the atmosphere will certainly be very different from the security clampdown and media circus expected a few weeks earlier when Pope Francis entertains US President Barack Obama.

The Queen’s visit will underline her

position as the most Catholic friendly Supreme Governor of the Church of

England of modern times.

In 1982, she became the first sovereign to welcome a Pope when John Paul Nike Air Max 2016 II KPU Men’s Running Shoes Nz came to London. She also gave Pope Benedict XVI a full state welcome when he arrived in Edinburgh in 2010.

Only nine months ago, she signed

legislation repealing the 300 year rule excluding royals who married

Catholics from the succession.

Three weeks ago, Pope Francis included Britain’s most senior Catholic, the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, in his first batch of new cardinals.

The visit puts paid to suggestions the Queen is about to hand over most duties to other royals.

This will be a long ‘awayday’ to Rome, with no overnight stay, but involves two high level visits and makes it clear that the Queen and her husband intend to remain active in international public life.

It was President Napolitano, Big Discount Women Adidas Climacool Solution Shoes Aqua White Black Nz Sale rather than Pope Francis, who originally suggested the Vatican visit.

Though a member of the Italian communist party for 46 years, he is a great admirer of the Queen and, being nine months her senior, just pips her to the title of Europe’s oldest head of state.

The two leaders are said to get on extremely well and Mr and Mrs Napolitano have visited the Queen and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace several times.

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founder James Van Doren dies in Southern California at 72

LOS ANGELES, Calif. James Van Doren, the co founder of Vans canvas shoes that were embraced by the skateboard culture and became a nationwide sensation when Sean Penn wore a checkerboard pair in the 1982 movie Times at Ridgemont High, has died. He was 72.

Van Doren died of cancer at his Fullerton home on Oct. 12, his wife Char told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Van Doren, who was a chemist, and his older brother Paul began selling custom shoes in 1966 from their first store in Anaheim. The brothers only had sample shoes and Nike Jordan 2016 Flyknit Colorful White Nz Online their made to order Nike Flyknit Trainer Men’s Running Shoes Fluorescent Green Grey Nz were often made with the canvas material and patterns brought in by customers.

The Van Doren and two other co founders decided the Van Doren Rubber Co. business plan was to eliminate the middleman and sell the rubber soled Discount Men Adidas Ultra Boost V1 Trail Running Shoes Red White New Zealand directly to the public.

The Orange County skateboard crowd took a liking to the sticky, waffle pattern rubber soles that helped skaters grip their boards and the casual shoes known simply as Vans quickly became a household name in Southern California by the mid 1970s.

The shoes were essential footwear for hip pre teens, teens and adults.

The brand got national recognition when Sean Penn wore pair of checkerboard slip on Vans in Times at Ridgemont High. checkerboard pattern skyrocketed after that. the early 1980s, foreign competition in the athletic shoe business led to heavy losses, Nike LeBron 13 Low Cavs 2017 Nz Sale prompting the company to file for bankruptcy protection. A court ordered management shake up in 1984 led to the departure of James.

Control was returned to Paul, who came out of semi retirement to run the then Orange based firm.

Four years later, an investment banking company bought Vans, which has been sold several times since.

The Vans office is now in Cypress, where several Van Doren family members still work.

As for James Van Doren, loyalty to the American man shoe never waned. His wife says he wore Vans deck shoes day of his life. know where he is: He still in my heart and he with God, his widow said.

Van Doren body was cremated and his ashes may be scattered in Hawaii. A memorial Mass is planned Friday morning at Fullerton St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Church